Cools, Hans and Melissa

Cools, Hans and Melissa

Hans and Melissa live in Mareeba, Northern Australia. Hans is a pilot and is involved in training new pilots to serve with MAF across the world. Will you join their support team?

As a young boy growing up in Belgium, Hans dreamt of becoming a pilot. He never thought he would realise this dream until God started talking to him while on a mission trip with YWAM in Vanuatu, where they flew from island to island in a Twin Otter.

God gave him a vision to reach the unreached by flying to the most remote places bringing the Gospel and other lifeline services. Hans was able to realise the flying dream in Perth, Scotland, where he completed his commercial pilot training in May 2012.

Melissa was born in Edinburgh, but immigrated to Australia when she was five. She has always had a passion to reach the unreached and joined YWAM as soon as she finished high school. She staffed and led discipleship training schools, completed a School of Frontier Missions and taught English in China for a while. She is passionate about seeing the unreached reached for God's Kingdom.

It was during their time in YWAM that they met and then got married in 2009. They now have two beautiful daughters - Olivia (2013) and Ameiah (2015).

Hans first contacted MAF during his flight training in 2011 as some students kept pointing him towards MAF. They were also able to meet some overseas staff who were on their home assignment around that time. God clearly kept on pointing towards joining MAF in the years to come, and after a lot of prayer they decided to officially apply.

They started the official process with MAF in 2015 and feel privileged to be serving by training pilots and spending time with the indigenous people of Australia in Mareeba.

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Hans and Melissa rely on a team of partners who agree to pray for them and to provide the financial support which enables them to serve with MAF.

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