We met at All Nations Christian College in 2005 both with the intention of doing some kind of mission work overseas (having had previous individual experience).

Marrying in December 2006, we spent a couple of years living in Dorset where Abigail was born in September 2008 and Naomi joined the family in April 2012, while we lived in Ohio.

Mark's career has been in the world of aviation ever since he left school and started an apprenticeship with British Aerospace when he was just 16. He went on to be an aircraft design engineer for 15 years, working primarily on the Harrier but also on the Chinook helicopter. To be able to combine his love of aircraft with our opportunity to serve in a practical way overseas as a family is a perfect partnership.

Our MAF journey

In 2009, we joined MAF and moved to Ohio, where Mark trained with MMS Aviation to gain his aircraft maintenance licence, while working on mission aircraft and returning them to service. Our commitment to MAF is for at least eight years after completion of this training in 2012.

Our first assignment was based in Dodoma, Tanzania, where Jenny had previously taught from 1999-2001. Mark worked there as an aircraft engineer until 2014 when MAF carried out a substantial review of the Tanzania programme and we were reassigned to serve in Mareeba, Australia. Mark is now part of a team of engineers that service MAF aircraft flying in Arnhem Land, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste, sometimes requiring him to fly out to the programmes as well. 

There have already been and will continue to be lots of different experiences for us to adjust to as a family, as well as exciting times and opportunities to help others where we serve. We are definitely enjoying the adventure so far.

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