Baguma, Sam and Abby

Baguma, Sam and Abby

Sam is the Regional Finance Manager for the East Africa region. The family are now based in Uganda after living in Chad for four years.

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Sam is a Ugandan Christian with a varied business and financial management background. He grew up in a Christian home and committed his life to Christ at the age of ten.

After completing his Business Studies in Uganda, and his chartered accountancy training in Kenya and the UK, he worked with accounting firms in Kenya, UK and Uganda before taking on an Africa regional development position with CURE International, helping to set up and run hospitals for children with physical disabilities in developing countries.

Abby studied Development at university and had already embarked on a career in international development working with the Oasis Trust in India, UNHCR in The Gambia and the Church Mission Society (CMS) in London before moving to Uganda where she worked for the African Palliative Care Association. Both had a heart for missions but developed their skills in the NGO and commercial sectors first as they waited for the time when God would open the door to mission.

Sam and Abby got married in 2007, and have two daughters, Rachel (2011) and Rebecca (2013).

The couple joined MAF in 2012 when Sam took on the role of Finance Manager and later became the acting Country Director for MAF in Uganda. In July 2014, the family then moved to Chad where Sam headed up MAF's programme.

They moved back to Uganda in 2019 for Sam to take up a regional role serving MAF programmes across the East of Africa.

The Bagumas are excited to be witnessing and serving God with MAF in Uganda. As they continue to serve with MAF, Sam and Abby are always looking for people to join their support team through giving or praying or preferably both! Could you be one of them?

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Sam and Abby rely on a team of partners who agree to pray for them and to provide the financial support which enables them to serve with MAF.

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