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  • Gathering the flocks in Lesotho


    Merrill, a missionary with Africa Inland Mission (AIM), seves the Basotho shepherds of the remote mountainous regions of Lesotho. She spreads the Gospel via Bible stories about shepherds that they can relate to.

  • Light at the end of the tunnel


    Therapists with Reaching the Light bring life-changing help and hope to young Nomin, who suffered brain damage due to jaundice, and her family in Mongolia. Story and photos by LuAnne Cadd

  • Changing Lives, One Wave at a Time


    Waves for Change is an organisation that empowers young adults suffering the depression and hopelessness resulting from the civil war and the recent Ebola crisis in Liberia, through surfing.

  • Baby chicks on board!


    How many chickens can you fit in an MAF airplane? Jill Holmes recalls transporting this rather chirpy cargo on one of MAF pilot Dave Holmes' flights in Mozambique!

  • Four medevacs are better than one!


    When a medevac flight was delayed by bad weather God’s sovereign purposes were at work in a seemingly hopeless situation

  • 13-year old Naadam rider is flown to hospital in Mongolia


    Pilot Roy Rissanen flew an urgent medevac flight after an accident at a traditional Nadaam festival left a young boy's life hanging in the balance.

  • Arnhem Land kids love sports


    If it’s not AFL (Australian Football), it’s basketball. If it’s not basketball it’s volleyball. If it’s not volleyball it’s running... Aboriginal kids love sports! Story by Peter Higham

  • Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby flies with MAF on visit to refugee camps


    MAF were honoured to fly the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and the archbishop of Uganda the Most Rev Stanley Ntagalion a visit to Moyo and Adjumani refugee camps this week.

  • Waterman, Dave and Becky


    Avionics engineer in Uganda

  • Going back to your roots


    The Most Reverend Dr Jackson Ole Sapit did not have the easiest upbringing, but God had His guiding hand over his life and lead him to become the current Anglican Archbishop of Kenya. Jackson recently re-visited his Maasai roots, on an MAF flight to Olorte for the dedication of MAF partner RedTribe's new building.