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  • Cessna 206


    With excellent short take-off and landing performance, the 206 is ideal for short, rugged bush airstrips

  • Cathy Burton: Southampton


    A free concert at Waltham Chase Methodist Church, providing the opportunity to enjoy Cathy’s inspiring and heartfelt songs while discovering more about MAF’s vital work.

  • Dillingham, Becki and Matt


    Pilot and Operations Manager in Chad

  • Milestones in MAF's history


    70 years of faith-adventures flying to crazy bush airstrips isn't without its highlights! Here are some of them.

  • How we're funded


    MAF provides a subsidised flight service to over 2000 relief and mission groups so they can bring help, hope and healing to the world's isolated people in need. Gifts from people like you make this possible.

  • MAF in numbers


    MAF goes the extra miles to bring help and hope to millions around the world. Here are some facts from the last year:

  • Fundraising standards


    MAF UK is a charity member of the Fundraising Regulator and is committed to being open and honest. If you think we fall short, this is what you can do.

  • History of MAF


    Flying is not a luxury, it’s a lifeline. MAF operates in places of deepest human need. The vision for MAF was ignited by the fires of World War II

  • MAF UK's mission and vision


    We believe every community, however remote, should have the essentials for life

  • Annual reports and latest accounts


    The MAF annual report outlines the key impacts and outcomes of our work during 2017, and presents some examples from our operations to illustrate these.