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  • Campaigns


    Here are some ways you can help us reach vulnerable people in remote places.

  • Fill a jerrycan with fuel


    Imagine an expectant mother after 24 hours of labour. She’s desperate for medical help. The 8-hour walk is not an option.

  • Prominent worship leader partners with MAF for 2015


    UK EVENTS: Christian singer-songwriter Cathy Burton is touring England & Wales to perform a series of concerts to raise awareness for MAF

  • Cessna 182 SMA


    Our smallest and most economic aircraft is ideal for flying individuals and small teams

  • Medair


    MAF partners with Medair to bring life-saving relief and rehabilitation to areas affected by conflict, crisis or natural disaster, working alongside the most vulnerable

  • MAF flights help defeat Ebola outbreak in the DRC


    MAF flew 109 passengers and more than 6 tons of supplies to Boende over the 3 months since the Ebola outbreak started, enabling medical experts quick logistical access to the affected region to contain the disease and treat patients

  • Feeding the hungry


    MAF flies food boxes for malnourished children in northern Kenya

  • How five martyrs transformed the Waodani people of Ecuador


    60 years have passed since Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, Peter Fleming, Roger Youderian, and Ed McCully gave their lives so that the Waodani tribe could hear the Gospel.

  • Go and do likewise


    MAF Pilot Dave Forney follows the tragic story of a young girl in Uganda

  • House of life


    These two MAF ladies in Timor-Leste aren't flying planes, but they are changing lives