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  • Water world


    MAF’s roving reporter LuAnne Cadd describes her first impressions of Bangladesh - one of the world’s most densely populated countries

  • Our management and support roles


    We don’t just seek pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers. The MAF team is also made up of a range of skilled staff carrying out ground based operational, management and support roles in overseas bases.

  • Be an MAF engineer


    Aircraft maintenance engineers and avionics technicians keep our aircraft operational. Without engineers, there would be no life-transforming flying. There are several types of roles needed.

  • Be an MAF pilot


    Being an MAF pilot is being at the heart of our adventure, seeing first-hand the difference our mission makes to super-remote villages. Expect challenging environments and rewarding results!

  • Sight to the blind in South Sudan


    LuAnne Cadd meets an inspirational eye-team MAF flew to a remote corner of South Sudan

  • Running for life


    Karina Mills describes a marathon that changed many little lives in Papua New Guinea

  • Powerful connections


    How four organisations worked together to change a Mongolian family forever

  • After the storm


    Many years after the infamous 2004 tsunami, MAF reflects on its service in Aceh

  • Fundraising


    So what can YOU do?

  • Physical healing


    Illness, accidents and childbirth complications can be catastrophic for those living in remote and isolated areas. Hours or days of overland travel to reach the hospital are not an option for those with life-threatening medical problems