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  • MAF responds to earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi, Indonesia


    MAF’s Disaster Response Team is responding to the disaster on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, caused by a 7.4 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that occurred on Friday, 28 September.

  • Welcome to Coffee Town!


    Almost 3,000 families in the communities surrounding Simbai make a living growing coffee. Frequent MAF flights serve the community's needs and fly the precious cash crop to market.

  • Lost until translation in Madagascar


    In Madagascar, thanks to The Seed Company, an affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators, life-transforming portions of scripture are in progress for speakers of ten Malagasy languages.

  • Islands on the Air


    Col McGowan, Jonathan Bowes and Eric Forkpa, are licenced radio amateurs. In November they will be using their skills and setting out on an adventure in support of MAF.

  • Flying Chicken Nuggets!


    The Chicken Nuggets, a team of six 16-18 year olds, won an experience flight in a light aircraft. The team topped the leader board back in July on the MAF Rescue Challenge at Refuel.

  • Calling all alumni!


    Over the years, hundreds of men and women have answered God’s call and set off on the adventure which is MAF!

  • Disaster Relief Update - Typhoon Mangkhut


    Mission Aviation Fellowship has continued to assist partners bringing help to areas of the Philippines hit by super typhoon Mangkhut on Saturday.

  • MAF Calendar 2019


    MAF's 2019 calendar contains beautiful images and inspiring Scriptures illustrating how God is changing lives in some of the world's poorest places.

  • Autumn Acoustic Tour with Clive Parnell


    We teamed up once again with the brilliant Clive Parnell for three concerts in Scotland. Clive is a singer-songwriter from just outside Edinburgh and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time partnering with him and his band at the events.

  • Symmonds, Andy and Helen


    Helen and Andy are about to embark in earnest on preparation for their first MAF assignment in Papua New Guinea.