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  • Bake Off to Take Off


    Calling all budding bakers and cake enthusiasts! Here's your chance to host your own Bake Off and bring hope to isolated people at the same time.

  • A chance to survive


    MAF deliveries are providing a lifeline for many facing crisis situations

  • Liberia Housing Project


    Vital staff accommodation in Monrovia

  • Angola


    MAF began operating in Angola in 1989 to provide essential support for NGOs, missions and churches in a country still in the grip of civil war.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo


    MAF has a strategic role, supporting Congolese churches, mission, relief and development organisations, reaching areas in the greatest need

  • Kenya


    Kenya, a popular tourist destination, has the largest economy in the region, though this masks the poverty and isolation that still exist

  • Lesotho


    The entire landmass of Lesotho, home to 2 million inhabitants, lies 1,000 metres above sea level, making it the ‘highest nation on earth’

  • Liberia


    MAF is the only humanitarian flight service in Liberia, a country recovering from a devastating Ebola outbreak and recent civil war.

  • Tanzania


    MAF enables medical teams and the Gospel to reach isolated communities in Tanzania where roads don't go.

  • Suriname


    MAF flights provide vital help in times of emergency and enable doctors to provide medical care in the country's interior, where road travel is difficult and the villages are hard to reach.