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  • Hope Has Wings


    The inspiring tale of MAF from 1945 right up to today from Stuart King, a man who has seen it all happen.

  • Powered by Prayer


    This MAF devotional booklet is designed to encourage and spur you on in your prayer and support of MAF.

  • Impacting South Sudan


    Gord Skonik is a regular MAF traveller to and from South Sudan, and shares what he calls a 'MAF moment'

  • MAF photographic exhibition


    A creative and inspiring photographic exhibition showcasing the work and impact of MAF overseas.

  • Help is coming to South Sudan


    Have you ever faced a moment when, for a split second, you thought, 'I won't make it'?

  • One man's story: a refugee in South Sudan


    Millions of people in South Sudan have been living in crisis since violence broke out in December 2013. People like Simon.

  • Practical help


    We enable practical help to reach those living in remote and inaccessible areas by flying precious cargo such as building and educational materials, food, sanitation kits, medicines and much, much more

  • Spiritual hope


    MAF's vision is to see isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Jesus' name

  • Gill, Daniel


    I love aviation and I love God and today I serve with MAF as a pilot in South Sudan. Will you join my support team?

  • Frying for Life


    Join us in celebrating a love of all things breakfast-related! Get frying, toasting and munching in support of MAF.