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  • Cut off


    The impact of the Earthquake was felt well beyond the coastline of Sulawesi. The people in the village of Kulawi are left isolated between multiple landslides that have cut off access in or out except by foot or air.

  • The beautiful game for girls


    In just 3 years, a new sport has exploded across the schools and neighbourhoods of Juba and Maridi where 60 community teams and 30 school teams now compete. In a country where women have often struggled to make their voices heard, the exciting thing, is that all the players are girls!

  • Sister medev-act in Uganda


    The Sacred Heart Sisters help Uganda's most vulnerable and impoverished and MAF was honoured to assist when one of their own was struck by a debilitating mystery illness recently.

  • School kids fly home following earthquake


    100 hungry teenagers crowded into the hangar in Palu, Indonesia, after the earthquake and Tsunami hit on 28 September - desperate to return home to their parents. MAF, Helivida, and Ethnos360 Aviation flew them safely back to their villages.

  • Facing The Grizzly in memory of Dad


    MAF Supporter Laura Perratt will face the kind of conditions MAF flies to overcome when she runs The Grizzly endurance race to raise money for MAF in March 2019.

  • Using aircraft to bring earthquake & tsunami relief


    Mission Aviation Fellowship is providing aid in Sulawesi, Indonesia

  • Flying for wildlife


    God’s creation is under threat. If poaching continues at its current rate, within five years there will be no elephants in northern Mozambique

  • A Weekend of 'Wonderful Love'


    The strains of Gospel music were heard in the remote provincial of Altai in August when Pilot Roy Rissanen flew a group of Christian singers on a weekend outreach.

  • A day out of the office


    Sarah from the Glasgow team recounts her day spent with MAF Uganda.

  • When dreams come true


    Josephine was a teenager exhausted by a life that had left her powerless.