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  • Flights of Faith DVD


    The inspirational story of how God led a small group of servicemen out of the chaos of World War II to set up what is now the world’s largest humanitarian airline. Featuring archive footage of MAF’s inaugural flight, this is the story of Mission Aviation Fellowship.

  • MAF Advent Devotions 2017


    Join in and listen to our Advent Devotions posted everyday throughout December.

  • Facing the future with dignity


    I am MAF Reporter LuAnne Cadd. I’ve spent the last few years visiting our many lifelines and I’d like to tell you about a project in Bangladesh that has touched me

  • New Jungle Same Old Monkeys


    Margaret Anne Lawson from Scotland, known to many as Annie, was an MAF engineer for over a decade. The pages throughout brim with humour, startling imagery of life in Africa, and larger than life characters. In this autobiography, Annie unveils the trials of being a single female missionary working as an aircraft engineer in Tanzania and Chad.

  • PNG pastors cross the 'tech gap'


    MAF Technology Services (CRMF in Papua New Guinea) provides basic computer training for pastors and church leaders.

  • A busy 'day in the life' of pilot Jason Job


    Recently MAF pilot Jason Job recorded a typical working day in Dili, Timor-Leste where he lives with his wife Kim and six-year-old son Sam.

  • Vallance-Webb, Tim and Georgie


    Tim and Georgie are returning to Arnhem Land to serve remote communities.

  • A mother's greatest challenge


    MAF has been flying for Tearfund to several locations across South Sudan. The Passengers and plumpy’nut cargo we carry is helping to supply feeding centres across the region.

  • A day out of the office


    Sarah from the Glasgow team recounts her day spent with MAF Uganda.

  • 24 hours of life


    Medair operates a 24-hour maternity facility at the Yusuf Batil camp for Sudanese refugees in the far northeast corner of South Sudan. MAF has been supporting Medair’s work in Maban since they started in 2012.