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  • Campaign against gender violence in Timor-Leste


    MAF in Timor-Leste had the opportunity to fly members from the Nabilan Program, to the opening event of their 16-day campaign against gender violence.

  • Radio installed at Biadi


    World Radio Day is celebrated on 13 February. Radios are a vital form of communication for remote areas, helping them feel connected to the rest of the world. In late 2019, Lukas Schadegg installed a HF radio for Biadi, Papua New Guinea.

  • Forest conservation in Liberia


    The Wild Chimpanzee Foundation, a West African conservation organisation, is involved in a variety of different education and research projects in Liberia. MAF flies the team to their remote locations, saving time on bad, bumpy roads

  • For the Sake of the World hat


    For the Sake of the World hat

  • For the Sake of the World wristband


    For the Sake of the World wristband

  • For the Sake of the World t-shirt


    For the Sake of the World t-shirt

  • MAF at Greenbelt 2020


    We are pleased to announce we will be returning to Greenbelt in 2020!

  • Crocodile Attack Medevac


    MAF Timor-Leste pilot Jason Job recently flew a medevac for a young man who had been bitten by a crocodile, needing urgent medical assistance to save his leg.

  • MAF - Education Enablers


    MAF Papua New Guinea (PNG) pilot, Ryan Cole, explains the role which MAF plays in promoting education - just one of the responses to the question, 'what does a MAF pilot do?'

  • Training Pilots of the Future


    Kori Shinn had a dream to become a pilot of small aircraft to help drop water on Australian bush fires. Now, thanks to the Flight Training Centre in Mareeba, she is making this dream a reality.