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  • Issa's story


    A christian ministry helped South Sudanese refugee Issa overcome trauma and fear. Their very name in Swahili is a faith-filled declaration: Tutapona — ‘We will be healed!’

  • Celebrating Christmas in the Ssese Islands


    Decades of outreaches have given Evangelist Sam Tsapwe a deep understanding of the challenges in communities like Buyange, a tiny fishing village hidden away on Lake Victoria’s Ssese Islands.

  • Mary's Christmas message


    'To me, the story of Jesus born into poverty is a message that can bring peace and hope to our earth,' shares Mary, a refugee in Uganda's northern refugee camps. 'I will spend my future to pass on that message.'

  • Running for Life


    When Support Raising and Training Manager Adam Pope began running, he could barely make the end of the street. Six years, and thousands of miles later he is pounding the pavements to raise money for MAF.

  • Be Part of Something Bigger


    Find out more about serving overseas with MAF

  • Jack, Ruth and Duncan


    We are serving in Arnhem Land as joint Programme Managers.

  • Stuart King Legacy


    A special message from MAF co-founder Stuart King, about why he is leaving a legacy to MAF.

  • Flying in Uganda… to serve South Sudan!


    The recent refugee exodus from South Sudan means that regular flights from our aircraft in Uganda are helping organisations like CRESS serve the people in the vast Imvepi settlement.

  • Remember Peggy?


    ‘What can be more special than walking through the front door of your house and being leapt on by a nine-year-old girl and given a great big hug?'

  • Plane in the Playground at Hadlow Primary School


    Humanitarian aircraft arrives in Kent school playground to launch charity Advent Adventure – sharing the true meaning of Christmas amidst Black Friday consumption