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  • The true story of Elisabeth Elliot - Worcester


    We are excited to be partnering with 4Front Theatre for their UK theatre tour of 'Reckless Abandon'. A feature length stage adaptation of an incredible true story.

  • Bulapé Landing


    Two-thirds of the way across Africa, Stuart and Jack received a telegram request to visit a new airstrip in a remote village in the centre of what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Love in action


    Jubilee Boarding School provides opportunities for visually impaired students from villages in Northern Kenya. MAF pilot Melvin Peters has helped the school recently by flying and installing a gutter system for rainwater collection.

  • A chain of Bible carriers


    Locals crowd the plane, jostling to buy Bibles at Tumolbil and Sumwari airstrips in PNG. Many are pastors or Christian buying on behalf of others!

  • Sowing and reaping


    Bangladesh is experiencing a hunger crisis and MAF flies organisation International Fertiliser Development Centre who help families increase their crop yields in order to feed themselves and to sell to others in need.

  • 1948 Gemini survey of East Africa


    'We faced over six months of intensive flying' remembers Stuart King. 'Countries and places which had been mere names on maps in our London office were now to become very real to us'.

  • Vaccinations take flight


    Hepatitis is a very serious, infectious and life-threatening disease. MAF flies Dr David Tikimo to Ibba, South Sudan, to get the spread under control.

  • Loving your neighbour as yourself


    A woman sits on the sun-baked ground, trying to breastfeed her baby. The baby’s hair is orange which, in Africa, is a tell-tale sign he is malnourished.

  • Joyful Didinga Bible dedication


    When MAF’s Cessna 182 landed in the village of Chukudum, it was the first time ever that the Didinga people in the south-east of South Sudan had seen a Bible in their mother tongue.

  • Enabling communication


    Sometimes all the passenger seats are taken out of our Caravan aeroplanes. As was the case with a chartered flight for Tearfund in South Sudan.