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  • Vaccinations take flight


    Hepatitis is a very serious, infectious and life-threatening disease. MAF flies Dr David Tikimo to Ibba, South Sudan, to get the spread under control.

  • Loving your neighbour as yourself


    A woman sits on the sun-baked ground, trying to breastfeed her baby. The baby’s hair is orange which, in Africa, is a tell-tale sign he is malnourished.

  • Joyful Didinga Bible dedication


    When MAF’s Cessna 182 landed in the village of Chukudum, it was the first time ever that the Didinga people in the south-east of South Sudan had seen a Bible in their mother tongue.

  • Enabling communication


    Sometimes all the passenger seats are taken out of our Caravan aeroplanes. As was the case with a chartered flight for Tearfund in South Sudan.

  • Five new Cessna Caravans for MAF Papua New Guinea


    Textron Aviation and Mission Aviation Fellowship International announce firm order for five Cessna Caravans, creating an exclusively Cessna Caravan MAF Papua New Guinea fleet.

  • Together we can make a difference


    Much of the food flown by MAF to remote communities after the recent earthquake was donated by local churches motivated to help their countrymen in need.

  • Clean water for Kenya


    MAF recently flew Waves for Water to Kisumu to visit one of their well water projects which will help a whole village, including 140 children in an orphanage, to access clean, safe drinking water. Photos by Mark & Kelly Hewes

  • CreationFest Scotland


    The brand new interactive MAF Challenge is coming to CreationFest Scotland in Dundee!

  • Refuel 2018


    The brand new interactive MAF Challenge is coming to Refuel!

  • Soul Survivor Scotland


    MAF will be at Soul Survivor Scotland in Lendrick Muir this July, for the 3rd year running!