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  • Sowing Seeds of Grace


    'Thousands of people have come to Christ. Thousands have been baptised. And all I did was show up in obedience, not with great talent or ability.'

  • Meet the HR Team


    Your wonderful flight crew are waiting

  • Medevac Monday in Papua New Guinea


    Indian Pilot Satish Moka recently jumped on a medevac flight to rescue a man with a broken leg from Tamo, a village 75 miles north of Mt Hagen.

  • Passengers


    Meet those serving overseas

  • Looking out the window


    MAF's operations around the world

  • Recruitment Privacy


    We are committed to protecting your privacy and promise to respect your personal information and do all we can to keep it safe. We aim to only process your personal data in ways we believe you would reasonably expect.

  • Follow your calling


    Elisha Moita began preaching in 1977, aged just 16. ‘I really believe that God created me to become evangelist’ Elisha shares – ‘it is my ‘God call.’

  • A promise from God


    In 2013, during a visit to Bartholomew’s Orphanage in Kajo Keji , MAF Reporter Jill Vine noticed a rusting wheelchair frame that belonged to a teenage orphan.

  • ‘Heaven and earth will pass away’


    Called to mission and dedicated to operating an aviation lifeline like no other, the men and women of MAF Papua New Guinea (PNG) have been essential to the growth of the Church there for more than 65 years

  • Pre-flight brief


    Come on a journey with us!