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  • The Lord is with us


    COVID-19: a message from MAF UK’s CEO

  • We can be heroes!


    Tutapona, an NGO which provides trauma counselling to refugees, have launched a new children's trauma rehabilitation programme, Heroes' Journey, in Adjumani, Uganda. This is the story of Anna*, who has benefited from the programme. *Name changed to protect her identity.

  • Meet the Scotland Team

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    Contact the Glasgow office on 0141 332 5222 or email

  • The 7&5 Challenge


    Be part of our 75th anniversary and take on The 7&5 Challenge.

  • A chance to live


    Kim Job recalls a recent medevac flown by her husband Jason, for an expectant mother with multiple health complications. Having recently driven the route to the hospital with her family, Kim reflects on the considerably shorter plane journey.

  • Dama gazelle rescue in Chad


    In January, MAF Chad was approached by The Sahara Conservation Fund (SCF) to participate in a mission to track and capture some dama gazelle, a highly endangered species, and move them to a reserve, so they can breed safely and preserve their genetic diversity.

  • How your £5 will help

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    Your £5 will help fund medical 'safari' flights in Madagascar

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    Accepted the 7&5 Challenge?

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