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  • Be Part of Something Bigger


    Find out more about serving overseas with MAF

  • Jack, Ruth and Duncan


    We are heading off to Arnhem Land to join the team as joint Programme Managers.

  • Stuart King Legacy


    A special message from MAF co-founder Stuart King, about why he is leaving a legacy to MAF.

  • Flying in Uganda… to serve South Sudan!


    The recent refugee exodus from South Sudan means that regular flights from our aircraft in Uganda are helping organisations like CRESS serve the people in the vast Imvepi settlement.

  • Plane in the Playground at Hadlow Primary School


    Humanitarian aircraft arrives in Kent school playground to launch charity Advent Adventure – sharing the true meaning of Christmas amidst Black Friday consumption

  • Better toilets for Bangladesh


    A crude ‘public toilet’ sits about 30 meters back from the Rupsa Ghat boat dock in Khulna. It’s a tiny corrugated-iron shack with three sides, no roof, and two round concrete slabs with holes to stand on.

  • The last call of the day


    The Gove Operations Team were closing the office for the weekend when the call came in. A Yolngu lady, Djurambil Munungurr, had been stung by a stingray whilst out collecting clams with her family in Garrthalala. Djurambil was bleeding profusely and in pain.

  • On cloud nine when I became a ‘co-pilot’ with MAF


    Long-time Mission Aviation Fellowship supporter and journalist John Butterworth and his wife Jan spent two weeks in Uganda in August this year. They went to see MAF pilot Andrew Parker, his wife Liz and their children Esther, Ben and Joel. John, who is also a Church of England Reader in Worcester, tells of a big surprise on their third day of their holiday.

  • A road to peace


    Bishop Taban Paride's inspirational vision for Holy Trinity Peace Village Kuron shows where the road to peace may lead in South Sudan.

  • MAF Sulawesi earthquake response update


    Our disaster response team in Sulawesi is continuing to serve communities that were cut off by landslides when the earthquake and tsunami hit the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi on the 28 September.