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Come on a journey with us!

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Welcome to our online journey!  We understand that getting to know a mission organisation, and the part that you could play can be daunting.

This email series was put together to help with that. We hope you come away inspired about the exciting (and life-changing) work of MAF along with a better idea how you can get on board!

Right, let's get started.

Where it all began 

Every mission has a starting point. Ours was World War II.

MAF Where it all began - WWII

The question was simple: aircraft have been so powerful in bringing death and destruction during the war. Why can't they be used to bring life and hope in peace time? 


And so MAF was born. A lot has happened over the 75 years since MAF was formed. But through the change, through all the developments in technology and aviation practices, the heart of MAF has stayed the same: sharing God's love through aviation and technology.

Interested in a brief overview of MAF history?  If you would like to hear more about our history, you might like to watch the following clip:


MAF Floatplane - Bangladesh

Our Vision

Our vision is simple we want to see: Isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ's name.

You probably just skim read that sentence but let's take a moment and dig into those words a bit more.

You'll notice that we are driven by the desire to see two types of transformation: physical and spiritual. This is important.


Physical transformation

We share God’s love for people and so we work hard every day to bring physical transformation to remote communities where people are in need - whatever their race or religion. We care deeply for the people we serve.

MAF - FacesThis physical transformation looks different with almost every flight we do. Medicine, food, water, education, disaster relief, community development, emergency evacuations - we could go on and on.



Spiritual transformation

Metcalfe Bibles LT-PNG Yambaitok Michael DuncalfeBut we also believe that transformation takes place when people encounter the person of Jesus Christ.

So you can understand why we fly missionaries and church workers, and why we pray for our passengers and seek to 'live as lights' in the communities we serve.

This is the heart of MAF. Jesus came to give life and give it in abundance. MAF is thrilled to play a vital part in seeing that happen to many people living in isolated communities around the world.

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The elephant in the room... that we're hoping everyone notices

Ok... probably the first thought you had when you came across Mission Aviation Fellowship was that this was simply for Pilots and Aircraft Engineers.

We get that a lot. Well, we hope we can clear that up here and now!

Yes, we desperately need experienced pilots and engineers for this mission, but those roles are just a fraction of what it takes to keep us serving remote communities around the world.

If we were to list out every role required to make it happen, we'd probably overload your inbox and bore you at the same time.

various MAF Team members and families

But to give you an idea, we also need accountants, IT technicians, administrators, teachers and home school support teachers, logistics managers, programme managers, building maintenance staff, operations managers, quality managers, communication specialists, learning technologies staff.


And that’s just on the field. At home we have a need for volunteers with a whole range of skills, all passionate about sharing their love of Christ and MAF.

Whoever you are, chances are there is a part you can play in the mission of MAF.

MAF Recruitment Images - Journey Page 1


Check out what MAF looks like in action below Just hit the play button!

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Till next time!

Well, that's it for the first email on this online journey.

But keep an eye out for email 2. In it we'll get a chance to "take a look out the window" at the different MAF programmes around the world. We think you'll find it very interesting!

God bless,
The MAF UK Team