Partner in Prayer videos

A collection of videos designed to help you partner with us in prayer.

These monthly prayer videos are a visual way of inspiring your prayer times, often showing the contrasts between life in the UK and some of the countries in which we serve. Our short videos prompt us to call on our Heavenly Father with thanksgiving and praise, while seeking His provision for others.

His Kingdom Come – Church Planting in Chad

His Kingdom Come – Ebola in DRC

His Kingdom Come – Hands and Feet of God

His Kingdom Come – Overcoming Mountains

The Secret of Contentment


The Lord is our Shepherd

Praise God into 2019

A Christmas Prayer

For the Sake of the World

Reimagine a World

Be still and know I am God

Be still and do not fear

Be still: Engineer Dave Waterman

Be still: Steph Gidney

Be still: David Leek

Created for a purpose: Spoken Word

Created for a purpose: Dallas Derksen

Created for a purpose: Danny

Created for a purpose: Abraham

Created for a purpose: The shepherds

Pray for leaders

Pray for healthcare in Tanzania

Pray for South Sudan

TEENS - same age, different lives

Chad - 'No retirement in the Kingdom'

Emma Grace's story


New Year: seeking God's Will in 2017



Eye care



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