Cessna 182 SMA

Our smallest and most economic aircraft is ideal for flying individuals and small teams

Cessna 182 SMA

Our Cessna 182 aircraft are modified with an innovative SMA (SR305-230) turbo-charged engine which burns Jet A1 fuel.

This is crucial as the scarcity and skyrocketing cost of Avgas has endangered the continued use of our Cessna 206 aircraft.

The Cessna 182 SMA carries up to three passengers with a cruising speed of around 120 knots. Although it is smaller than the 206, it has a greater range of up to 8 hours.

'The Cessna 182 SMA is a great tool, fun to fly and economical for the passengers, allowing many communities to be reached where it would be financially unviable to use a larger aircraft.'
Becki Dillingham, MAF pilot, Madagascar

Turbo-charged, though acting like a normally aspirated engine, it also has excellent short take-off performance. To cope with rough airstrips, over-sized tyres have been fitted and the undercarriage strengthened.

Other modifications include folding rear seats to improve load-carrying flexibility, and a new HF radio, GPS and Stormscope systems to improve communications, navigation and safety.

Being lightweight and economic, the aircraft is opening up fresh opportunities to help small teams reach remote communities in a far more cost-effective way than our larger Cessna 208 Caravan. It can also be used in medical emergency flights.