Amphibious Cessna Caravan

Operating from both land and water, it is often called the 'ultimate amphibian'

Amphibious Cessna Caravan

The ability to land on water and land makes it perfect to bring hope to Bangladesh, a country that sits on the mouth of the Ganges, where one third of the total area is water, and seasonal flooding cuts off many communities from receiving much needed help.

A single turbo-prop (turbine PT6A-114) engine aircraft which is reliable and easy to maintain, the amphibious Caravan can land at over 200 sites, enabling our partners to reach more people with more help than ever before. This includes supplying the floating hospitals run by Friendship and Impact with supplies and doctors.

'Amphibious flying is the best flying in the world... absolutely!'Bryan Pill, former MAF relief pilot

A large cargo door makes freight easier to load and the spacious air-conditioned cabin makes the journey more comfortable for passengers.

There are often requests for medevac flights in Bangladesh. The large cargo gives more space for loading stretcher patients, and once inside there is greater room for the patient and the medical team.