South Africa

Tens of thousands of people in South Africa live isolated from economic development in areas where infrastructure is deteriorating

South Africa

Plantations in some regions produce much of the country’s fruit, but agriculture in other areas is practically non-existent and poverty and malnutrition are rife.

MAF is working in one of these areas, the Vhembe District of Limpopo district, to deliver clothing, educational toys and Bibles to clinics, crèches, Sunday Schools and churches.

MAF is helping to share the Gospel and deliver food supplements to help combat malnutrition.

MAF's Flying For Life programme has also been partnering with CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation) and Pink Drive since 2013 to run cancer awareness campaigns in the rural clinics in the Vhembe District.

Cancer is one of the major killers throughout both the developed and developing world, with detection rates in remote areas being particularly poor.

'Thank you to MAF for ensuring that we can continue with our message that early detection saves lives.'Noelene Kotschan, Founder, PinkDrive