Papua, Indonesia

As featured on Channel 4's 'Flying to the Ends of the Earth'. Many MAF families - local and international - fly and maintain 11 MAF aircraft from bases across Papua to bring help and hope to the isolated.

Papua, Indonesia

MAF has served Papua since 1952, reaching more than 250 ethnic groups by supporting churches and mission efforts, and providing medical assistance, community development, education, crisis relief, and the training and leadership development of Papuans.

With basic services such as education and medical care unavailable in remote areas, countless Papuans suffer from treatable medical conditions such as chronic malaria, skin fungi and malnutrition.

Unreached people groups on the western half of the island live hidden away in rainforests, mountains, and swamps.

So, from six bases, MAF reaches deep into the interior to bring the Gospel and improve the quality of life for isolated Papuans who have no other way to reach the outside world.

Our three email hubs and communication networks help over 60 missions and humanitarian agencies to increase their efficiency and effectiveness as they seek to meet the country's needs.

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