After enabling thousands of earthquake disaster relief flights from 2015, MAF is continuing to serve isolated people in this mountainous nation.


With thousands of communities hidden away in remote mountain locations the scale of the devastation was not immediately clear when two huge earthquakes struck.

MAF was in the air with Nepali helicopter operator, Fishtail Air within days, to deliver aid to areas of greatest need. In some areas whole villages had been wiped out, in others people were in desperate need of food, water, shelter, and medical assistance.

Over the months that followed we flew to over 340 remote locations – taking off every 13 minutes to bring help to another remote community. It is estimated that MAF helped to save 80 years of travel time for nearly 96 relief agencies who partnered with us.

With our new Nepal programme MAF will continue to serve remote communities bring hope, help and healing to through our humanitarian partners.

'We couldn't have got there without MAF, absolutely. We were informed emphatically that the road is very dangerous.'

David Pearson , I Thirst International