With only 3.2 million people sprawled across the vast, desolate landscape, Mongolia is one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries


Mongolia is a land of huge, empty distances but little infrastructure. The climate is hard and the winters extremely cold, sometimes reaching -40C.

Mongolia’s economic collapse after Soviet withdrawal in the 1990s triggered widespread poverty and unemployment.

Many agencies arrived to carry out development work, but transport to the most remote regions was almost impossible.

After extensive surveys, MAF began flying in 2001. Our flights support the work of the small but growing Church, development agencies and government bodies.

We provide inflight patient care training for local doctors, and enable teams from NGOs such as Reaching the Light to offer physical, speech and education therapy to children.

Our plane often becomes an air ambulance as we carry out many emergency airlifts for the sick and injured.

'Flying in materials and food may seem a small thing, but it’s huge to us, living in such isolation.'Edith Tellenbach, Founder, ArtisAltaï