Kenya, a popular tourist destination, has the largest economy in the region, though this masks the poverty and isolation that still exist

Some 80% of Kenya's land is classified as desert or semi-arid, leaving the country’s population dependent on the annual rain cycle and extremely vulnerable to climate change.

Kenya is a melting pot of rich tribal and ethnic cultures which pervade the country's social and political life and occasionally spills over into violence, as in the aftermath of the 2007 elections.

Kenya’s refugee camps host a large population of people displaced within Kenya due to these conflicts, and are a key destination for refugees fleeing conflict in neighbouring Somalia and South Sudan.

Today, the focus of our lifeline is on serving the people of northern Kenya. Regular shuttles to and around Marsabit enable us to fly missionaries and county governors, as well as deliver letters, packages and the results of blood tests to remote areas.

Frequent flights to Marsabit Children’s Home, House of Hope, and Gethsemane Garden Christian Centre (GGCC) provide staff and resources for orphaned children.

Naphtaly, a long-time friend and partner, was airlifted by MAF following an accident.

Since returning to GGCC, over 50 people have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus! Thank God for MAF and all those who support this great ministry.

Naphtaly, GGCC