We are flying for life in Guatemala, where remote and isolated people are served by MAF affiliate organisation AGAPE


MAF's lifeline flies into the most isolated areas of Guatemala, reaching people with the Gospel and essential supplies. Our small aircraft fly across mountains and jungles, landing on short, narrow runways, with an average elevation of 5,000 feet.

As well as flying, AGAPE runs mobile medical clinics for villagers in isolated or inaccessible areas, and provides a Bible teaching programme that helps strengthen rural churches. The programme also trains and teaches leaders who have never had the chance of formal Bible training, but who lead congregations in the villages.

AGAPE also provides youth leadership programmes in rural areas, assists Sunday School teachers, and facilitates community development programmes such as water purification projects in remote villages. The vision is for every family to have access to pure, clean drinking water.

Types of flying we do in Guatemala:

  • National church 40%
  • Missionaries 20%
  • Medical emergencies 10%
  • Community development 10%
  • Commercial 20%.