Overland travel in Chad can be time-consuming and dangerous. MAF's aircraft provide a lifeline to NGOs, enabling the needs of remote communities to be met.


Tension between the Muslim north and the mainly Christian and animist south have caused significant instability since independence in 1960.

Chad is Africa’s largest landlocked nation and one of its poorest. In the last 10 years coup attempts from within Chad as well as refugees spilling over the border from conflicts in the Central African Republic and Darfur in Sudan have exacerbated poverty for 11.4 million Chadians. 

Only a small fraction of the country’s 40,000km of roads are paved, making overland travel time-consuming and dangerous. 

Because MAF is there, our partners are able to spend more of their time meeting the needs of communities, and have peace of mind knowing that an evacuation to safety is possible in the event of political unrest or medical emergencies.

From their base in N’Djamena, MAF planes provide access to the remotest regions, supporting water and medical projects, mission outreaches, Bible translation, leadership training and development initiatives.

'Without the plane there are no effective means to reach remote clinics. The alternative would have been an arduous two-day journey of 560 miles, over rough roads, in temperatures of up to 40°C. Flying with MAF saved valuable time, which was better spent treating people.'
Ann Fursdon, British doctor, who visited 13 health centres in southern Chad in 2 weeks