Bangladesh is one of the world’s poorest and most densely populated nations. Flooding from monsoons and cyclones pose serious threats

One third of the population lives below the poverty line and, with a third of the country covered in water, the countless rivers and huge Ganges Delta make travelling to receive help virtually impossible.

MAF's amphibious aircraft makes use of Bangladesh’s vast network of waterways to reach those people who would otherwise be completely isolated.

Flights enable government and aid and development organisations to assist poverty-stricken people in rural areas.

Doctors with non-government organisations such as Friendship fly regularly to its three floating hospitals that provide medical care for marginalised communities living along the riverbank.

When cyclone Mahasen struck in 2013, we enabled UN OHCA, World Food Programme, and Care International to carry out aerial surveys to assess the best way to help those affected.

'MAF is giving a good service to the country, and is very important – especially in times of disaster.'Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali, Head of Bangladesh’s Ministry of Disaster