A boy called Meshack

November 2019 Appeal

Whether at the beginning, middle or end of their story, every MAF flight plays a unique part in the life of each passenger.

Gunfire lit the darkness as four boys burst into the boarding school in Lokichoggio, northern Kenya, firing their weapons at the defenceless children. Survivors would later recall their long, horrific ordeal began sometime after midnight.

It would transpire that the gang leader was a former boy soldier from South Sudan who had recently been expelled from the school for bad behaviour.

Tragically, the school's security guard and 6 students were murdered that night, leaving 18 others injured and traumatised. By the time the police arrived, the killers had fled.

Meshack was one of the students caught in the hail of bullets. Terribly wounded in the legs and stomach, he was among those transported 350 miles to a specialist hospital in Moi for emergency treatment.

Sadly, Meshack's troubles were far from over.



In an effort to stem the chronic blood loss, staff at the hospital cut off the supply of blood to Meshack’s legs completely. They left him unchecked for 18 hours. This mistake cost the boy his left leg when gangrene set in and amputation became the only option.

When it looked as if his other leg would suffer the same appalling fate, his mother Hellen intervened. She insisted Meshack be released immediately into her care so that she could take him back to Lokichoggio.


Hellen had made the courageous decision to put her son’s life in the hands of a man with no medical qualifications whatsoever.

For many years, the people of Lokichoggio have entrusted their general health and well-being to the man they call ‘doctor’. 

Although unqualified, Joseph Alinga has assisted many doctors – over far too many years – as they tended to gunshot wounds at the Red Cross hospital there. 

So Hellen brought Meshack to the doctor’s private clinic in Totubunoe, a village on the outskirts of to Lokichoggio. Using only the very meagre equipment at his disposal, Joseph successfully treated Meshack’s wounds with skin grafted from his thigh. 

He saved Meshack’s leg.



In November 2018, MAF flew Meshack to the capital Nairobi to be measured and fitted for a prosthetic leg. Unfortunately, although the fitting was a success, a new leg wasn’t ready in time for Christmas 2018.



You can imagine his immense sadness after the cruel sequence of events that had conspired to leave him severely disabled. Nevertheless, we were waiting for Meshack again this year when another MAF flight saw the brave young man finally receive his precious prosthetic leg and a wheelchair. 

Because of our supporters’ boundless generosity, that second flight – signalling the start of a new life for Meshack – was completely free of charge.

You are truly amazing!
You play a unique part in so many people’s lives.


When you send a gift, men, women and children who couldn’t even dream of flying are suddenly changed through God’s love. Now Meshack is back in Lokichoggio, learning how to walk again. And, at long last, his smile has returned! 


 Thank you for another remarkable year of support. Many blessings to you this Christmas.