We work with Tearfund in Uganda, South Sudan and Kenya, speeding up the delivery of food, nutrition and education


Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency working with a global network of local churches to help eradicate poverty.

We support their work in northern Uganda, South Sudan and Kenya.

Their main focus in these hot, arid regions is to combat malnutrition and provide education and food to the most vulnerable.

MAF Pilot Ryan Unger regularly delivers supplies in our Cessna Caravan aircraft for Tearfund. On a trip to Motot, South Sudan, Ryan carried 930 kilos of cargo which included solar panels and 8 rechargeable batteries that weighed 62 kilos each.

The airstrip at Motot is only 750 metres long and Motot is located in a 'non-government' area which requires special permission from the government to land, 'at your own risk'.

But because Tearfund operates a clinic at Motot, safe delivery of supplies is essential. 

'Yuai is one of the remotest and hardest locations to get to and we rely on MAF for pretty much everything!' Lucy Young, Programme Support Co-ordinator, Tearfund, South Sudan, 2013