Update on the aftermath of Cyclone Mora

Published: 2 Jun 2017

On Tuesday 30th May 2017 Cyclone Mora struck Bangladesh and then Myanmar and has left behind a trail of devastation, the likes of which the elders in the communities have never seen.

Aerial assessment shots taken by MAF Pilot Mark Blomberg, a day after the cyclone hit land in Bangladesh, showed the extent of the flood damage.

Aerial assessment (31 May 2017) flight after Cyclone Mora passed over Cox's Bazar and Chittigong

Aerial assessment (31 May 2017) flight after Cyclone Mora passed over Cox's Bazar and Chittigong

Torrential rain and strong winds in western Myanmar caused landslides and, in the town of Lailenpi alone, has left thirty-seven homes destroyed with a total of over 250 people being made homeless.

The roads serving Lailenpi have been damaged or are blocked by fallen trees. This will hinder the town’s ability to recover as new building materials need to be driven due to the lack of airstrips in these mountainous communities.

Health and Hope Myanmar, our partner ministry, has lost its training centre and associated buildings in the Cyclone.

Before Cyclone Mora:

Before Cyclone Mora: Inside Health and Hope Myanmar

After Cyclone Mora:

The devastation to the Health and Hope Myanmar Training Centre caused by Cyclone Mora

Over the last 6 years, the centre has supported 834 Community Health Workers from 551 villages across southern Chin and Rakhine State through training, in addition to acting as a central storage facility for the distribution of food relief during cyclone Komen.

Dr Sasa, founder of Health and Hope Myanmar, reported that the devastation of homes and buildings across the community will be felt for years to come and will impact the ongoing provision of training to Community Health Workers across the region. 

Natural disasters like Cyclone Mora highlight just how vulnerable these remote communities are and how vital the opening of the new Lailenpi airstrip and initiating MAF services will be for isolated Myanmar.

Please join with us in praying for God’s peace and protection over the people in Bangladesh and Myanmar in the wake of the storm and for the forthcoming rebuilding process.