The true story of Elisabeth Elliot goes on stage

Published: 9 May 2019

The true story of Elisabeth Elliot goes on stage

MAF UK is excited to be partnering with 4Front Theatre for their UK theatre tour of 'Reckless Abandon' - a feature length stage adaptation of an incredible true story.

Operation Auca was an initiative wherein 10 missionaries took the gospel to the previously unreached Waodani people, a murderous tribe in the Ecuadorian jungle. Their commitment to spreading the message and love of Christ, even in the face of death, is an inspiration to all. This is the story of the Ecuadorian missionaries, including MAF pilot Nate Saint.

It is a story of sacrifice, a story of love and a story of bravery but above all, it's the story of 10 individuals living lives of reckless abandon.

This promises to be a fantastic evening, so bring your friends along so they can learn more about the inspiring work of MAF too.

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Reckless Abandon - 4front theatre