News to share

Would you like to use a MAF story in your church magazine, newsletter or on your website? In this section, you can find stories and images to download and share in your publications.

News to share

If you are a church or religious organisation who would like to share more stories and images about the work of MAF, then in this section you can find ready-written material, prepared by the MAF UK News team, for you to download and use.

The material is intended for you to reproduce in your newsletters, magazines and on your websites.

We ask, where possible, that the text is reproduced as written, but we understand that you may need to shorten it.

 Images for each story are also included, along with a copy of the MAF logo.

***Download the contents of the April Edition of Flight Log here***


Previous Flight Log Material

Download the contents of the February Edition of Flight Log here.

If you have any questions or need any further information, please contact the MAF UK News team - or call 01303 851959.


If you are a journalist or news outlet looking for material to use, please contact the MAF UK News Team who will be happy to assist you.