MAF's 'superhero' jungle pilots feature on popular YouTube channel

Published: 24 Feb 2016

Popular YouTube channel Smarter Every Day has posted a video featuring MAF that explores flying as a superpower for good.

The science-based channel – which has more than 3.6 million subscribers – was created by a Christian, Destin Sandlin.

Destin, an MAF supporter, received a grant from Bill and Melinda Gates to produce a video to answer the question, 'What superpower would you want to have?'

Destin wants to fly, and chose MAF to help explain his choice in a scientific way.

Destin travelled to MAF's training base at Nampa, Idaho last week and spent time with Chief Pilot Brian Shepson and Aaron Bear, Director of Major Funding and Planned Giving. Chris Burgess, Editorial and Content Manager, helped with logistics.

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