MAF explores places to build remote lifeline airstrips in Myanmar

Published: 25 Feb 2016

MAF airstrip survey Myanmar - taking bearings on a jungle path

An MAF team is currently in Myanmar to explore potential airstrip locations in remote parts of the country and see how MAF can assist remote people.

Myanmar is nearly 3 times larger than the UK but has fewer than 10% of the roads the UK has. Mountain ranges, major river systems and a weak overland infrastructure are challenges for the development of the nation.

MAF, in partnership with authorities, has a vision to help develop, rehabilitate and maintain airstrips in order to open up very remote areas to a flight service which will help meet the humanitarian, medical and developmental needs of vulnerable communities.

A community effort

MAF Myanmar airstrip survey: Chad Tilley greets several children who welcomed us near Lailenpi

The airstrip survey team, comprised of Country Director Chad Tilley and a team from Singapore, has already completed an airstrip survey close to Lailenpi. It was an all-day assessment with massive assistance from more than 50 villagers.

Very unseasonal rainfall is making travel on already treacherous mountain roads even more dangerous for the team. However, we’re pleased to report everyone is healthy and spirits are up! The trip will likely be extended to allow roads to dry.

A clear need

It is already clear how urgent the need is for light aircraft service like MAF to be able to reach and serve these communities.

The team hopes that, from this trip, new relationships will be built which will pave the way for work to begin on development airstrips.

MAF airstrip survey Myanmar - mountain road landslide

MAF airstrip survey Myanmar - driving a narrow steep mountaiin road

MAF airstrip survey Myanmar - welcome dance at Lialenpi