Did you know that amateur radio is the only hobby governed by international treaty? It is a popular technical hobby, with around two million people throughout the world regularly involved with amateur radio.

Col McGowan, Jonathan Bowes and Eric Forkpa, are licenced radio amateurs. In November they will be using their skills and setting out on an adventure in support of MAF.

They are particularly interested in ‘Islands on the Air’ (IOTA), which is where people can make contact with stations located on islands worldwide.

Their plan is to embark on an expedition to Telengbe Island, a small island covered in coconut trees off the coast of Liberia.

This trip will be what is known as a DX-pedition, which is an expedition to a remote, or unpopulated place to set up a station and get on air. Other radio amateurs around the world can then make contact with the location. The amount of people who make contact is then recorded and registered against the DX-pedition.

Typically, activations of brand-new IOTA groups are costly, so donations are often given to help offset expenses. However, the team have decided to make this trip a charity one. They will cover all the costs, with every donation going to the work of MAF in Liberia.

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