The Chicken Nuggets won the competition to be the highest scoring team on the MAF Rescue Challenge at Refuel 2018. The team of six topped the leaderboard back in July, changing 983 endings over the three stages of our interactive challenge. This weekend they received their prize and each had an experience flight in a light aircraft.

On Saturday, we gathered at Aberdeen Airport for a day of high-flying action, hosted by Signature Flight Support. The team took off one by one, flying with MAF volunteer Martyn Segar and Alexander Flight Training.

"When you feel how much a little wind can affect a plane of that size, it brings into context the skill of MAF pilots"

The team, now a little embarrassed by their fast food themed name, are a group of 16-18 year olds who know each other through Refuel and The Filling Station. They all made sure their airborne exploits were well documented on social media networks throughout the day and Iona was happy that her Instagram feed was now full of various MAF related posts.

Siblings MJ and Hannah were probably the most anxious of the group before going up, but with their feet back on Scottish soil, they were thrilled with the experience. Music student Grace came back into the lounge area somewhat shell-shocked that Martyn had at one point let her take control of the plane, saying ‘it was just insane’. Although they knew what the prize was, the tiny size of the plane still came as a surprise and certainly offered the team a different experience to that which they might have had in a larger aircraft on their holidays.

When you feel how much a little wind can affect a plane of that size, it brings into context the skill of MAF pilots flying in treacherous conditions and landing on grassy, uneven landing strips in the developing world. 

John, who said his flight was amazing, even managed to get a lift home from Martyn in the plane when they found out they lived in the same area, saving him a tedious bus journey down the East Coast.

All in all, The Chicken Nuggets thoroughly enjoyed their day. Thanks to them and to everyone else who made it happen.