Coronavirus updates

We get the latest from MAF staff around the world during the pandemic...

5th January 2022 - Timor-Leste

In Timor-Leste, people would die without MAF medevacs. In the last 30 days, MAF has medevacked critical patients suffering from coronavirus. Every patient is given a MAF care pack containing essential items for their stay in hospital including a copy of the New Testament and a note of encouragement about the love of Jesus. 


20th December 2021 - Telefomin, Papua New Guinea

Forehead thermometers will help fight the new Omicron variant in remotest PNG

Omicron infections are doubling every two to three days – much faster than Delta (BBC). MAF - in partnership with Baptist Union and AusAID – deliver essential PPE to Telefomin Hospital and remote community health workers. Thermometers, gowns, gloves and goggles will equip staff in their fight against the disease.


6th December 2021 - Response to Omicron variant

Protective screen in MAF Chad's Cessna C208 Caravan aircraft

The new variant identified in South Africa has prompted our government to place 11 African countries onto the ‘red list’ meaning tighter restrictions for South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique and Angola where MAF operates. Safety continues to be our top priority as per this protective screen in our Cessna C208 Caravan in Chad.


24th November 2021 - Arnhem Land, Australia

‘Let’s stop the violence’ banner at a conference organised by Galiwin’ku Women’s Space in East Arnhem Land

In a new global UN report, 45% of women have experienced violence since Covid-19 began. In 2021 – in partnership with Miyalk Domestic and Family Violence Shelter - MAF rescued a woman every week in Arnhem Land. Never before has MAF’s service been more vital to women fleeing violence. Find out more…


17th November 2021 - Tanzania 

No one wanted the vaccine at Katahe and Lesirwai

During the South Maasai mobile clinic in Katahe and Lesirwai, MAF’s Andrew Parker encounters scepticism from local patients about the Covid-19 vaccine he delivered: ‘People seem to believe that they might not be able to have children if they’ve had the vaccine, so it really makes them hesitant.'


16th September 2021 - Dili, Timor-Leste

MAF’s Aldo Falo (far right) and Nick Hitchens (‘patient’) conduct training for ambulance staff

To improve medevac safety, MAF trains ambulance staff in emergency procedures, loading patients and using scoop stretchers. With medevac patients increasingly testing positive for Covid, this training means that pilots are no longer central to the loading process, which protects them whilst still delivering a top-class service.


15th September 2021 - Oecusse, Timor-Leste

MAF flies around 2,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Oecusse

MAF pilot, Lungpinglak Domtta, flies around 2,000 doses of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine from Dili to Oecusse. To date, neighbouring Australia has donated over 1.7 million jabs to the Pacific and Timor-Leste (source: Sydney Morning Herald).  


13th September 2021 - Harper, Liberia
The coronavirus vaccine and other supplies are loaded onto MAF plane bound for Harper

MAF flies batches of the coronavirus vaccine and other medical supplies to Harper on the south coast of Liberia for Partners in Health – an NGO tackling health inequality around the world. The impact of the pandemic has exacerbated already high levels of poverty within the country.


7th September 2021 - Madagascar

Pilots Wouter Nagel and Ian Purdey fly the Covid-19 vaccine to seven remote places

As the COVAX rollout continues, MAF pilots Wouter Nagel and Ian Purdey fly 11,060 doses of the AstraZenecca and Johnson & Johnson vaccine to Maintirano, Besalampy, Morafenobe, Ambatomainty, Maroantsetra, Mananara Avaratra and Sainte Marie Island. It takes them six hours in total - all in a day's work!


16th August 2021 -  Vaccinating the most vulnerable

MAF flies the Covid-19 vaccine to vulnerable communities like Lebakeng in Lesotho

To date, MAF has made 135 coronavirus flights – that’s 84 flight hours carrying over 21 tonnes of vaccine, people and associated equipment. MAF is operating in 22 of the 67 low-income countries that are receiving the vaccine under the COVAX sharing scheme.


28th July 2021 - Nimule, South Sudan 

Health manager and nurse, Jasmine Biddell, works for Medair’s Emergency Response Team  in South Sudan

MAF flies kits (food and hygiene items) to the Ugandan border for Covid-19+ people isolating at home. Medair’s Health Manager, Jasmine Biddell, says: It's great that MAF can fly us to respond to the needs of Covid-19. We’re strengthening local healthcare. Nimule's roads are insecure - they're not an option for us. It's not possible without MAF - we need to fly.'


23rd July 2021- Oecusse, Timor-Leste

MAF Pilot, Jonathan Lowe

MAF Pilot, Jonathan Lowe, flies the vaccine from Dili to Oecusse. Most flights require special permissions and take many hours to process. Fortunately the paperwork arrives just before it's too dark to fly. The flight takes 50 minutes, saving seven hours by road. The vital vaccines are delivered - job done!


2nd July 2021 - Oecusse, Timor-Leste 

MAF pilot Ping Domtta (L) and the Ministry of Health team for Timor-Leste (R), deliver the Covid-19 vaccine to Oecusse

475 AstraZeneca and 200 Sinovac jabs plus Min of Health staff are flown to Oecusse, which is cut off from the rest of TL because it’s surrounded by Indonesia. Due to international travel restrictions in Indonesia, Oecusse can only be reached by a 15 hour ferry from Dili or a 50 minute flight. The vaccines must be stored at the right temperature, which isn't possible on a ferry. MAF is the answer!


1st July 2021 - Highlands, Papua New Guinea

MAF distributes 500kg of Covid-19 vaccine booklets to raise awareness in PNG’s Highlands

MAF distributes thousands of Covid-19 vaccination booklets to Public Health Authorities in PNG’s Highlands. The booklets - produced by The Melanesia Education Development Foundation and endorsed by PNG’s Institute of Medical Research – are available in both Tok Pisin and English.


29th June 2021 - Yida Camp, Unity State, South Sudan

Medics flown by MAF Pilot Tobias Meyer (c) debunk false info about coronavirus at Yida Refugee Camp

Misinformation about the pandemic is rife at Yida Refugee Camp, which houses around 60,000 Sudanese people displaced by war (source: UNHCR). MAF Pilot Tobias Meyer flies medics from NGO, Cordaid, to deliver coronavirus awareness training in a bid to debunk deadly false information.


28th June 2021 - Kalimantan, Indonesia

Pilot Jeremy Toews (r) despatched 2nd batch of the vaccine to Kalimantan on 28 June

Indonesia has overtaken India as Asia’s ‘Covid-19 hotspot’ with over 900 deaths per day (source: BBC). Kalimantan in the Indonesian part of Borneo is experiencing a surge of cases. In response, MAF flies out medics, batches of China’s Sinovac vaccine and test kits to contain the outbreak. Find out more


10th June 2021- Papua New Guinea

Covid-19 presentation for MAF Technologies PNG staff by PNG’s Institute of Medical Research

As Covid-19 takes its toll, women are increasingly being accused of witchcraft. Due to poor education, innocent women are being held responsible for the pandemic, resulting in brutal attacks. MAF Technologies PNG is spearheading a campaign using radio and Tech Talks to debunk false info about the disease. Find out more


31st May 2021 - Huehuetenango, Guatemala

AGAPE deliver the coronavirus vaccine to Huehuetenango

AGAPE – MAF’s affiliate in Guatemala - deliver the vaccine to Huehuetenango in western Guatemala. According to Devex, Guatemala has acquired 403,200 doses of AstraZeneca through COVAX and a further 304,000 doses from Israel, India and Russia. Guatemala has a population of 18 million.


29th May 2021 - South Sudan

Handwashing stations destined for remote South Sudanese communities are a vital  defence against Covid-19

MAF partners with Tearfund delivering soap and handwashing stations to remote communities; Pieri, Yuai and Motot. These weapons in the fight against Covid-19 are destined for clinics, nutrition centres and churches. MAF's Raphael Flach says: 'It's great to fly Tearfund who are working hard to support vulnerable communities.' 


18th May 2021 -  Madagascar

The coronavirus vaccine is loaded onto an MAF aircraft heading to Mananara and Maroantset in northern Madagascar and onto the island of Sainte Marie off the east coast

MAF delivers the vaccine to more remote areas including 11,500 doses to Antalaha, Sambava, Vohemar and Andapa in the north, 2,900 doses to Ambatomainty, Morafenobe, Besalampy, Maintirano and Antsalova in the west, plus Mananara and Maroantset and the island of Sainte Marie off the east coast of Madagascar.


13th May 2021- Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea

PNG tightens domestic travel measures for essential travellers to prevent Covid-19. Controller of PNG’s National Pandemic Response says passengers must be tested before boarding flights. In response, MAF Nurse Marieke Noordhoek, has set up a testing station so only passengers who test negative can fly.


11th May 2021 - Marolambo Village, Madagascar

The vaccine is transported in cold boxes between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius

Marolambo Village receives vaccine for the first time thanks to MAF. MAF joins UNICEF to deliver 500 doses of AstraZeneca. Pilot, Wouter Nagel, says: ‘This journey would take one to two weeks by a 4x4 vehicle or a 40-minute flight with MAF!’ Two days later, MAF delivers 6,500 doses to another 4 locations.


1st May 2021 - South Sudan

Masks fashionably demonstrated by MAF pilots Danny Gill (L) & Raphael Flach (R

7,500 masks - donated by Priority Freight and delivered by MAF – have been put to good use in recent weeks in South Sudan. The masks are being worn by MAF pilots, passengers and staff working at Juba International Airport. Here are said masks fashionably demonstrated by MAF pilots Danny Gill (L) & Raphael Flach (R).


26th March 2021 - Lesotho

Preparing to load the AstraZeneca vaccine onto an MAF plane bound for Kuebunyane

The only way for the coronavirus vaccine to reach the mountain people of Kuebunyane and Matsaile is by an MAF airplane. MAF pilot, Grant Strugnell, flew batches of the life-saving AstraZeneca vaccine to these remote areas for the first time so frontline health workers could get inoculated. Find out more


23rd March 2021 - Yumbe, Uganda

MAF flew UNICEF’s Sacha Westerbeek to a refugee camp in Yumbe to oversee the COVAX rollout. COVAX is co-led by CEPI, Global Vaccine Alliance and the WHO in association with UNICEF with the aim of fairly distributing the vaccine across low-income countries. Sacha says this operation would not be possible without MAF.


22nd March 2021 - Vaccinating the isolated

Vaughan Woodward - Deputy Director of MAF’s Global Disaster Response

As the COVAX inoculation programme slowly rolls out across developing countries, MAF plays its part in transporting the vaccine and medical staff to the remotest places on earth. Vaughan Woodward, Deputy Director of MAF’s Global Disaster Response, explains how MAF is helping to vaccinate the world. Find out more


21st March 2021 - Wuvulu Island, Papua New Guinea

Wuvulu Island is 140 miles north of PNG’s mainland. It takes approx 7 hours to reach the island by boat.

As Covid cases skyrocket in PNG, never before has communication been more vital for remote islanders. MAF Technology Services PNG was able to install High Frequency radio for the first time on Wuvulu Island just before PNG’s Prime Minister announced his latest ‘national isolation strategy’. Find out more


2nd February 2021 - Kalimantan, Indonesia

MAF flies its first batch of coronavirus vaccines to Kalimantan

MAF flies its first batch of Covid-19 vaccines to Kalimantan. MAF Pilot, Eric Bell – who was accompanied by three medics - transported several boxes of the life-saving jab to three separate locations. One medic got off at each stop to oversee local distribution. They also carried out checks for temperature and breakages.


3rd December - Bardaï, Chad

BMS Missionary, Dr Mark Hotchkin, works at Bardai Hospital in the Tibesti Mountains, mid-Sahara. Transporting provisions across one of the world's largest deserts during a pandemic isn't easy but in 2020, MAF delivered over a tonne of medical supplies to Bardai hospital. Mark says: ‘We’re really, really grateful.’


2nd December - Ssese Islands, Uganda

Ssese islanders preparing for their Christmas celebration with Jesus Film Ministries in 2017 - pre-coronavirus

Following Uganda’s Ministry of Health announcement on 9th November, 200 people can now gather, providing they keep two metres apart and wear masks. MAF will fly Jesus Film Ministries to remote Bukasa Island to safely celebrate Christmas, encourage local churches and to evangelise others. Find out more


16th October - Madagascar

MAF flies postponed Baccalauréat exam papers all over Madagascar

Following secondary school closures in Madagascar, students have had their final year exams - the Baccalauréat – postponed until October. MAF Pilots, Ian Purdey and Ryan Unger, flew the sealed exam papers and invigilators all over the country so Madagascan officials could finally facilitate their national exams.


2nd October - Lokichogio, Kenya  

Pastor Isaac Kirundi Githu from Deliverance Ministries uses MAF for his evangelism, food, school and agricultural programmes.

Coronavirus restrictions have made life in Lokichogio Town, northern Kenya very expensive. The cost of food and fuel have rocketed. When Pastor Kirundi Githu travels to Nairobi, he uses MAF which costs only two thirds of travelling by road. By road it can take four days - by air it takes as little as 2.5 hours.


23rd September - Adjumani, Uganda 

MAF Uganda aircraft resumes passenger flights

For the first time in six months, MAF Uganda officially resumed its domestic passenger flights on 23rd September. The Ugandan authorities have finally granted MAF permission to go about its normal business. It was Lutheran World Federation who boarded the first passenger flight to Adjumani Refugee Camp. Find out more


8th September - Kampala, Uganda 

MAF Engineer, Geoff Linkleter, fixing an MAF aircraft engine

This week, Vianney Lugya from Uganda’s Civil Aviation announced that commercial flights will resume from Entebbe International Airport from 1st October. Until that fateful day arrives, MAF Engineer - Geoff Linkleter, continues to make the most of his downtime. Find out more  


18th August - Stranded but steadfast about the future

MAF Pilot, Steven Biggs, in front of MAF plane in Monrovia before coronavirus

As new quarantine restrictions were enforced, Australian MAF Pilot Steven Biggs, found himself stuck in Kent for sixty days having had three Brisbane bound flights cancelled. Claire Gilderson caught up with Steven about his future plans and what MAF in West Africa might look like, the other side of the pandemic. Find out more


6th August – Bardaï, Chad

MAF's Phil Henderson flies to Bardai Hospital, mid Sahara, transporting supplies to fight coronavirus. BMS Missionary, Dr Mark Hotchkin, is relieved to receive 100 oxygen masks, pulse oximeters - to measure oxygen - and temperature devices to screen and treat patients with the disease, more effectively.


22nd July – Juba, South Sudan

MAF South Sudan Pilot, Johan Brugmans, in uniform in front of MAF aircraft

MAF South Sudan Pilot, Johan Brugmans - and his wife Reinate - finally make it back to base in Juba after four months of travel restrictions. In March, the couple flew to Uganda for Johan’s mandatory three-week flight training course, only to get stuck behind the border.


21st July - South Sudan

MAF Pilot, Daniel Gill, marking his milestone with a plaque inside the plane

Although MAF South Sudan is flying at reduced capacity due to government restrictions, Pilot Danny Gill, has managed to clock up 2,000 hours. Danny celebrates his incredible milestone. Find out more


14th July - Tekin, Papua New Guinea

Aerial view of Oksapmin Secondary School and Tekin Primary School in PNG

MAF has partnered with Oksapmin Secondary School for thirteen years in the remote village of Tekin, but for the first time, MAF has found its way onto the
curriculum of one of PNG's best performing schools during the pandemic. MAF PNG’s Comms Officer, Mandy Glass, came up with the initiative. Find out more


12th July – Yambio, South Sudan

Flight for Ministry of Health to Yambio, South Sudan

In partnership with the WHO, MAF Pilot - Alistair Youren, flies Ministry of Health doctors to Yambio in southern South Sudan to deliver a week’s training course in coronavirus awareness. By road, the journey would take more than a day, but by air, 190 miles only takes 80 minutes!


10th July - Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea

MAF Pilot, Satish Moka, wearing a home-made supporter mask at the Mount Hagen Operations Centre in PNG

MAF Papua New Guinea receives 2,000 home-made face masks from MAF Australia, courtesy of MAF supporters with super sewing skills. These much-needed masks – as demonstrated by MAF Pilot Satish Moka - will be allocated to each passenger who boards a MAF PNG flight.


9th July - Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo

MAF Uganda Pilot, Andrew Parker, drops off urgently needed coronavirus test kits and medicine in Bukavu, eastern DRC

Following a spike in coronavirus cases in Bukavu, eastern DRC last month, MAF is enlisted to transport test kits and medicine to one of Africa’s most hard to reach places. It was Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Dr Denis Mukwege, who initially made the call. Find out more


4th July – Toamasina, Madagascar

Medair car in front of MAF plane with men unloading medical equipment

In the fight against Covid-19, MAF’s Ryan Unger and Ian Purdey, fly ventilators and staff from Medair and the ‘Malagasy Gov Covid-19 Task Force’ to Toamasina. As flying is currently banned in Madagascar, MAF continues to seek special permission for medevacs, repatriations and to transport cargo.  


25th June - Angola 

MAF Pilot, Marijn Goud, flying a passenger in need of help

Despite restrictions, MAF is granted special permission for its work: 'MAF get to fly even when Angolan airspace is completely closed down - how cool is that? MAF keeps getting one or two approvals a week for emergency flights. We’re taking sick people in isolation or hard to reach places to hospital.’ (Pilot, Marijn Goud).


8th June - Kuron, South Sudan

Crucial cargo during coronavirus is transported to Kuron by MAF Pilot, Wim Hobo

MAF Pilot, Wim Hobo, has been flying to Kuron's award winning ‘Holy Trinity Peace Village’ for years. Supplies include masks and resources to keep coronavirus away. The village is the brainchild of 84-year-old Bishop Paride Taban, which he founded in 2005 to create an oasis of peace in war-torn South Sudan. Find out more


6th June - 'The Blessing Australia'

Following last month’s release of socially distanced worship song ‘The UK Blessing’, Australia has produced their virtual version featuring MAF Arnhem Land! Over 300 churches from different dominations unite in this powerful song - written by Kari Jobe and Elevation Worship - declaring peace and hope over the nation.


5th June - Bardai, Chad

MAF Pilot, Phil Henderson, socially distancing in the desert

MAF's Phil Henderson, takes social distancing to the extreme in Bardai – a remote town in northern Chad. After landing, authorities imposed their restrictions on Phil: ‘They wouldn’t let me overnight in town because Bardai has yet to be touched by Covid-19. All too happy to comply.’ So Phil camped in the desert! 


 29th May - Kasese District, Uganda

First breakthrough emergency flight bound for Kasese District - cargo includes buckets

As heavy rains ease up, MAF is finally permitted to make its first emergency disaster relief flight to the flood-hit district of Kasese. MAF Uganda’s Communications Officer, Jill Vine, brings us the latest. Find out more 


14th May - South SudanMAF Pilot, Daniel Gill, flying Samaritan's Purse cargo to Ajuong Thok Refugee Camp in South Sudan

MAF Pilot, Daniel Gill, has had to adapt to his ‘new normal’ in South Sudan like the rest of us, but what if your community doesn’t believe that the virus is present? Daniel shares how life has changed and how people are responding to the pandemic. Find out more  


13th May - Madagascar  

Big box of syringes to facilitate child vaccinations

Every year, thousands of newborns in Madagascar need vital vaccines to survive childhood. Despite coronavirus, on the 13th and 14th May, MAF was permitted to transport these vaccines in partnership with UNICEF. MAF Comms Officer, Charlotte Pedersen, explains the challenges involved. Find out more 


12th May - Howard Island, Australia

450 kilos of food boxes bound for Howard Island

MAF fly 450kg of food to the Yolngu Aborigine community in Howard Island off the north coast of Australia. It was donated by Australian supermarket, Woolworths. This MAF flight means this remote community doesn't have to travel to the mainland to shop, thus massively reducing their exposure to any coronavirus.


10th May - Morehead District, Papua New Guinea

Nurse wearing new PPE treating patients at Moreland Clinic in PNG

For twenty years, Morehead District in Papua New Guinea has struggled without adequate anti-venom supplies. When coronavirus took the world by storm, another shortage became obvious – PPE. Thanks to MAF, the region’s health workers can now treat their patients without fear. Find out more


7th May – Kasese District, Uganda

Heavy rain on 7th May caused four rivers in the Kasese District in western Uganda to burst their banks. Already suffering from life in lockdown since 30th March, communities must now contend with destroyed homes and displaced people. MAF is responding as best it can. Find out more


5th May - Reaching the isolated while we isolate 

Millions of us are experiencing isolation for the first time in our lives, but for millions of others around the world, isolation is all they have ever known. MAF has been serving the remotest people on earth for 75 years and we will continue to serve them, wherever we can, throughout this crisis. Find out more about our Giving Tuesday Now Campaign, and how you can help here.


2nd May - Lailenpi, Myanmar

Machinery constructing Lailenpi Airstrip in Myanmar
Despite Covid-19 restrictions, 97% of Lailenpi Airstrip - which is being built on top of a mountain - is now complete. Most of the excavation work and paving is finished. Due to political instability and the monsoon however, construction has been delayed until winter 2021. Find out more 


30th April – Adjumani, Uganda

Four Tutapona staff outside Adjumani Community Radio Station
When coronavirus reared its ugly head in East Africa, it became clear that ways of working in Adjumani Refugee Camp in Northern Uganda had to change. MAF partner, Tutapona - which provides trauma counselling to people affected by war – had to get creative about how to support child refugees. Find out more


 29th April - Arnhem Land, Australia

Arnhem Land - Australia

North-east Arnhem Land is an isolated wilderness in northern Australia and home to 5,000 Yolngu Aborigines. Taking every precaution, MAF transports essential food and medicine. There are no reported coronavirus cases, but Programme Director, Ruth Jack, says now is not the time for complacency. Find out more


27th April - Arnhem Land, Australia

MAF Pilot, Anton Zhang in Arnhem Land Australia

Self-confessed introvert and MAF Pilot, Anton Zhang, has been embracing his solitude by getting creative. He’s painted a self-portrait capturing his situation. For Zhang, choosing solitude is different from being forced to isolate: ‘I take my mind to the peace of the wilderness, free from distraction to think upon the things of God.’ 


26th April - Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

MAF worker cleaning plane as part of new coronavirus preparations in Bangladesh

While nations declare a ‘state of emergency’ due to coronavirus, MAF Country Director, Mark Blomberg, declares a ‘state of readiness’ to serve the people of Bangladesh, particularly those living in the largest refugee settlement in the world, based around Kutupalong and Nayaparain in Cox’s Bazar. Find out more


25th April - Lesirwai Village, Tanzania

MAF Pilot, Jarkko Korhonen, flying nurses to Lesirwai Village in Tanzania

MAF Pilot and Programme Manager, Jarkko Korhonen, flies nurses to the Lesiwai Village Clinic in South Maasai to administer vaccines and educate patients about coronavirus. The nurses are wearing PPE donated by MAF. The number of coronavirus cases is rising in Tanzania.


24th April - Madagascar

First Covid-19 flight in Madagascar

Today marks Madagascar’s first coronavirus related flight. MAF Pilots, Ryan Unger and Ian Purdey, took off with a plane packed full of PPE and test kits bound for Tulear and Fort Daphin. Once used, these test kits will be flown back to the capital, Antananarivo, home of CNOSSE - Madagascar’s only test centre.


23rd April - Balimo, Papua New Guinea

MAF transporting medicine and essential supplies to Balimo in the Western Province, Papua New Guinea

Despite coronavirus, MAF Pilot Jan Ivar Andresen, is pleased to team up with Aerial Health Patrol to transport medicine and essential supplies to Balimo: ‘It’s good to still be able to do what we came to PNG for. It's a privilege to still be serving people with these flights, which contribute to their health service.’ 


21st April - Nimule, South Sudan

Worker loading up coronavirus testing kits bound for Nimule on South Sudan border

On the border of South Sudan and Uganda lies Nimule where the main road out of Uganda crosses the border. Truckers transport supplies along this road, so on request of South Sudan’s Ministry of Health and the WHO, MAF delivers Covid-19 test kits for the drivers to prevent the virus from entering South Sudan.


19th April - Khulna, Bangladesh

Member of coronavirus contact tracing team getting off MAF plane into boat

MAF flies to Khulna as part of a coronavirus contact tracing pilot programme to assess the spread of the disease within communities. It’s a joint venture between the Bangladeshi government, the UN and BRAC – a Bangladeshi NGO. If successful - with the help of MAF – it will be rolled out across other districts in Bangladesh.


17th April - Luau, Angola

With Angola in lockdown, flying home from the remote village of Luau looks unlikely for the Griffins – a family from Canada - until MAF Angola Pilot, Marijn Goud, rescues them. MAF are granted special permission from the authorities to fly them to Angola’s capital, Luanda, so they can finally be repatriated.


17th April - Dhaka, Bangladesh

Back in Dhaka at our hangar @ HSIA

As the lockdown continues, World Vision calls MAF to fly their charity worker from the city of Khulna back to the capital, Dhaka. When there’s no way out, MAF finds a way. It’s not the first time this employee has relied on MAF during challenging times: ‘I’ve flown with MAF before in Uganda – I know that MAF comes to the rescue'. 


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14th April - Juba, South Sudan

MAF Pilot, Wim Hobo, flying coronavirus test kits from Juba to Wau in South Sudan

Jenny Davies started her new communications job with MAF in South Sudan back in February, not long after the pandemic started. In a country with only a handful of ventilators and a soaring cost of living, Jenny describes daily life in Juba and how the authorities are responding to coronavirus. Find out more


12th April - A MAF family separated by lockdown

MAF Pilot, Becki Dillingham, with husband Matt, Bethan and Luke

MAF Pilot, Becki Dillingham, had to complete special training in Uganda so flying in Chad could continue in the rainy season. Kissing her family goodbye, Becki expected to return 3 weeks later. Little did she know, the pandemic would scupper her plans and leave her separated from her family for 32 days. Find out more


11th April - Wau, South Sudan

To help prevent the spread of coronavirus, the WHO and South Sudan’s Ministry of Health request MAF to transport test kits to the north western city of Wau - a two-hour flight from Juba. MAF Pilot, Wim Hobo, says: ‘We’re very happy that we can keep flying in South Sudan and that we can support their people in this way.’


10th April - Sundarbans, Bangladesh

MAF Pilot, Chad Tilley, joins forces with Bangladeshi authorities and the Swiss Embassy to rescue a teacher and charity worker who are stranded by the lockdown in a remote area of the Sundarbans

MAF joins forces with the Bangladeshi authorities and Swiss Embassy to rescue a marine biology volunteer who is stranded by the lockdown in a remote area of the Sundarbans. MAF Pilot, Chad Tilley, flies her to the capital, Dhaka, just 90 minutes before the last EU evacuation flight departs for Germany.


9th April - Arusha, Tanzania

Despite changing circumstances, MAF Pilot, Kirstein Combrink, his wife, Amelia and their boys, still maintain an attitude of gratitude. Due to the government’s less stringent approach to coronavirus, Kirstein is still able to fly medics out to remote areas taking all the necessary precautions.


8th April - Mareeba, Australia

Mareeba - Mark One patient shield

Doctors at Mareeba Hospital needed more protection against coronavirus when they treated infected patients, so they contacted MAF for help.

In just one day, MAF Engineers, Phil Snell and Ben Sibthorpe, produced a special screen to help keep hospital staff safe.

More hospitals have made similar requests.


8th April - Oecusse, Timor-Leste

MAF joins forces with Oxfam to deliver 430kg of soap and buckets to 68,000 stranded people in Timor-Leste

A State of Emergency has been called, so Oecusse is cut off. Ferries have stopped and borders are closed but thanks to MAF, Oxfam can deliver lifesaving supplies as per Kathy Richards: 68,000 people are without ferries and commercial flights to the mainland. Surrounded by Indonesia, Oecusse is vulnerable to Covid. We’re sending 430kg of hand washing kits, soap and posters. Thanks to MAF, Covid info packs will reach 14,350 households and hand washing kits will reach 1,500 families.’


 7th April - Papua, Indonesia

Papua - COVID handout - posted 7 April 2020

In Indonesia, coronavirus cases are rising.

Papua based MAF Pilot, Kees Janse, has been helping to educate villagers about preventing the spread of the disease through social distancing.

Kees and other MAF staff have also been distributing fliers to locals in a bid to stay safe.



6th April - MAF flights drop to 20% across Africa

MAF plane grounded at sunset in Africa

Henk-Jan Muusse - MAF’s Regional Director for Africa - has been exploring how MAF can support African governments during this crisis. Lockdowns across the continent have reduced MAF’s flights to 20%. Henk-Jan explains the impact on operations and what’s being done to protect staff. Find out more


4th April - Papua New Guinea 

Papua New Guinean man holds a stack of Bibles - posted 4 April 2020

A PNG resident receiving Bibles distributed by MAF (June 2019) 

As Papua New Guinea enters into a state of emergency, Prime Minister James Marape claims that PNG is a ‘Christian nation’ and calls on his people to ‘join together in praying for God’s mercy.’ Regardless of limited health facilities, hope can always be found in God.


3rd April - ‘Find a Rainbow’ Day

Ellie painting - posted 3 April 2020

As you take your daily exercise, you’ll notice the hundreds of rainbow pictures displayed throughout your neighbourhood – a sign of support for Britain’s NHS and more importantly, a symbol of God’s faithfulness during a time of uncertainty and isolation.

Three-year-old Ellie shares her rainbow with us.



2nd April - Lesotho

Lesotho - Medevac patients and nurses are screened and wear PPE

As Lesotho in southern Africa enters into lockdown, MAF Pilot Grant Strugnell, describes the fragile reality of meeting the medical needs of the isolated, without infecting them with a potentially fatal disease. 

‘We take every precaution to ensure we’re not spreading coronavirus.’

Find out more



28th March - Zwedru, Liberia

Liberia flight for Ministry of Health - posted 30 March

MAF Pilot, Steven Biggs, was enjoying a cup of coffee one Saturday morning, when he was asked to help Liberia’s Ministry of Health with a suspected case of coronavirus in the remote town of Zwedru. In MAF’s first ever Covid-19 case, Steven flew to the rescue. Find out more


27th March - 'Partner in Prayer - Unsettled Times' video

As coronavirus advances across Britain and around the world, many of us feel unsettled and bewildered. MAF UK’s Prayer Communications Leader, Victoria Fagg, offers practical support and guidance during these very strange times. No matter what, God always brings light out of the darkness.


26th March - Kampala, Uganda

MAF Regional Avionics Manager, David Waterman, and his wife, Becky, have been self-isolating in Kampala. David explains how the virus has affected his work. Becky expresses her concerns about social distancing in such a densely populated area and how ‘lockdown’ could impact food security.


24th March - Chad

According to MAF Pilot, Phil Henderson, Chad is doing a ‘really good job’ in the face of this pandemic. Phil explains how MAF - in the absence of public transport - has been able to fly partners around the country so they are able to continue with their life-changing work.


22nd March – Kampala, Uganda

Jill and Greg Vine (R) with their three daughters (L)
MAF Uganda Comms Officer, Jill Vine, has been serving with MAF since 2007. The mum of three is married to MAF Pilot, Greg Vine. Together, they’ve been navigating their new norm – life in lockdown. Jill lifts the lid on life in the capital, Kampala. Find out more


20th March - Message from MAF UK’s CEO 

MAF UK coronavirus statement - posted 20th March 2020

As Britain enters into lockdown during unprecedented circumstances, MAF UK’s CEO, Ruth Whitaker, reminds us of the comforting, yet powerful words in Psalm 46: ‘God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.’ Read Ruth’s full statement including MAF’s initial response to coronavirus


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