We're very excited to announce that we've just launched a new opportunity for churches throughout the UK to work with MAF in a much deeper way than ever before.

You can partner with one of our many programmes and once you've selected the country that's right for your church, we'll give you some great resources, schedule presentations for all your church groups, and provide regular updates. Through this, we want to encourage your congregation to really engage with our missionary work and discover more about the life-saving work MAF does. 

We've already received some good initial feedback and are delighted to have the endorsement of the Bishop at Lambeth.

'It gives me great pleasure to endorse MAF's programme which encourages the support of the mission of MAF in individual countries. I do so in a sense as a repayment of a debt.


'Having served for nearly six years in Papua New Guinea, I experienced at first-hand how MAF was vital for the mission of the Church. Access for remote outposts was possible because of the self-sacrificial work of brave pilots who served Christ in a country with some of the most dangerous flying conditions in the world. They did so with compassion and with a prayerful resolution that was inspiring. Their flying transformed the well-being of remote communities.


'It is so good to know that the work flourishes, but it is dependent on prayer and support. I do hope that you will feel called to respond.' Right Rev Nigel Stock, Bishop at Lambeth

For more information please phone 01303 851 955 or visit our church partnership page