Spiritual hope

MAF's vision is to see isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Jesus' name

Spiritual hope

MAF flies those who encourage the Church, proclaim the Gospel and bring hope to those in need.

Church evangelists

MAF has had a vision to carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth since the organisation began in 1945. Today, MAF is still serving the Church and those who carry the Gospel, plant churches, encourage Christians in distant communities and translate the Bible into the 'heart' languages of different people groups.

Every year there are celebrations as a new Bible translation is flown into a remote village by MAF.

'We distribute solar-powered handheld radios so every household can hear God's Word in their own language. MAF flies them in. We'd be hard-pressed to do this work without MAF.'Kerry Henderson, Every Village Country Director, South Sudan


Education opens up a world of possibility and a route out of poverty for people in the developing world. Whether it's flying children to remote school in PNG, school teachers in Arnhem Land, supporting NGO projects that help keep girls in school in South Sudan, or ferrying text books and exam papers, MAF is helping to sow hope into the next generation and open up opportunities for children and adults in their own communities.


MAF helps to facilitate the work of partner organisations in bringing together those with opposing views to rediscover their shared humanity - promoting forgiveness and reconciliation within communities. We're honoured to be part of the sensitive process of peace-making, through bringing together those who want to lay aside their differences, and the peace-builders who help them find ways to do so.

'If MAF hadn't flown in the peace conference's facilitator, there would have been great strife. They were our Wings of Peace.'Seth le Leu, Country Director, World Vision, Sudan