Practical help

We enable practical help to reach those living in remote and inaccessible areas by flying precious cargo such as building and educational materials, food, sanitation kits, medicines and much, much more

Practical help

It's hard to imagine that in today’s ‘connected world’ so many people are so isolated. With land access denied by inaccessible terrain, natural disaster and war, thousands of communities are left out of reach.

Inaccessible terrain

Flying onto desert and jungle airstrips, lakes and rivers, tracks and roads, MAF’s light aircraft and our pastor-pilots go the extra miles to provide a lifeline.

'The arrival of an MAF flight is always a cause for celebration, not least because of the arrival of fresh fruit and vegetables! Although it's possible to drive from Juba to Yuai during the dry season, many of the areas were mined during the civil war, and rebel militia groups are still active. So travelling with MAF is quicker and safer.'James Cousins, Project Support Co-ordinator in Yuai, Tearfund, 2013

Disaster relief

Cyclones, typhoons and earthquakes can devastate the world's poorest communities in climate-vulnerable areas like the Philippines, Bangladesh and parts of Brazil. Surveying the damage from the air is the first step in getting relief where it is needed and MAF can be operational within hours, getting precious people and supplies where they are most needed so the rebuilding can begin.

'MAF has been a vital part of the work here. Every single bit of machinery, building materials – nuts, bolts, nails – everything was brought in by MAF. It's great teamwork. It made the other side of the work, the spiritual side, possible.'Tom Hoey, missionary, PNG, 2013

Conflict zones

When conflict arises, we evacuate NGOs to safety. Often the aftermath can mean there are thousands of people displaced. Living in fear, they face hunger and isolation. MAF flies in food, shelter and healthcare to those in urgent need of help.