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Who are we?

MAF is an international Christian aviation charity serving 26 developing countries to reach the world’s most isolated people. 

Operating more than 120 light aircraft, MAF flies into some 1,400 remote locations, enabling physical and spiritual care to reach countless thousands of people cut off because of geographical barriers, natural disasters or political unrest. 

Whether landing in deserts or jungles, on lakes, rivers, tracks or roads, MAF planes transport essential medical care, food, water, relief teams and church workers to those in desperate need. Each flight carries practical help, spiritual hope and physical healing to thousands of men, women and children for whom flying is not a luxury but a lifeline.

MAF is flying for life.


Our fleet consists of a variety of aircraft, from GA8 Airvans to Cessna 182s, 206s and 208s, including Grand Caravans and an amphibious floatplane.


Future Pilot Programme (FPP)

MAF UK is excited to be rolling out a sponsored pilot training programme to assist people with a passion for mission aviation to join MAF and serve overseas. 

If you’re successful, we will help you achieve the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to obtain a Commercial Pilots Licence and a Command Instrument Rating. 

You will then go on to serve in an MAF programme in either the Africa or Asia-Pacific region. 

There are five steps through the training programme, each of which must be completed to an acceptable standard within the allotted time frame as determined by our training staff.


Financial assistance

Becoming an MAF pilot is an expensive proposition and often beyond the means of many. Through this scheme, MAF UK will provide financial assistance by employing selected trainees on fixed-term contracts throughout the training period. This assists with living expenses and accommodation costs as well as flight training costs directly related to qualifying for overseas service. 

Training agreement

In view of MAF UK’s investment, successful candidates will be required to sign a training agreement committing them to overseas service with MAF following the completion of their licences and practical experience. 

This agreement will normally last for six years, starting from deployment overseas. (Self-withdrawal from training or overseas service may require pro-rata repayment of training related costs.) 

Training base

All flight training will be conducted at MATC (MAF’s preferred training partner in the Netherlands), which trains pilots for MAF ministry using our Standard Operating Procedure and competency framework. 

Experience building under the supervision of MATC may be conducted in the UK. 


Training programme length 

  • Accepted trainees will initially complete three months of fundraising and induction. 

  • Flight preparation, including theory and practical, typically takes two years. 

  • Bible college and further induction activities would normally be completed in a further six months. 


The Training Scheme

There are 5 key stages in the journey:

MAF Future Pilots Programme Journey

MAF Future Pilots Programme Check List


Attendance and performance 

Accepted trainees are required to maintain excellent attendance and to perform consistently well in the theoretical and practical aspects of the programme. Movement from one stage to the next is dependent on satisfactory completion in an acceptable time frame. 

Trainees are also expected to adhere to the standards of behaviour outlined in MAF’s Conduct Policy. Failure to maintain acceptable standards may result in their participation in the scheme being concluded. 

Bible college 

After completing both the theoretical and practical components, candidates will be required to attend a ten-week residential course at Bible college. 

Support raising 

All trainees will be required to raise a proportion of what it costs to undertake training and serve overseas. MAF UK has a dedicated support person who will assist trainees in this process. Though it may sound a little daunting, most applicants achieve their financial targets within the allotted time frame. Minimum targets need to be attained before training can begin. 

Limited places 

The number of places each year is limited, so the application process is highly competitive. To be considered, applicants must attend an MAF Future Pilot Programme information event. 


Check out the full Future Pilot Programme Brochure, the Job Description and the Guidance for applicants below.


Closing date:  30 August each year

The selection process will commence in September each year for applications in the year following.  The process will include interviews, technical evaluations, and the completion of medical and psychological assessments.

Application Process:

If after prayerfully considering the information in these documents please complete the online application process. If you have questions during this process, feel free to drop us an email.

Applicants must be resident in the UK or Ireland and have the support of their local home Church in order to apply to MAF UK for this training opportunity.