Six myth-busting reasons to work for MAF

Does the idea of serving in mission freak you out? Well, it shouldn’t! If you think doing so is too hard – think again! And look at some of the answers we have to potential obstacles to serving overseas.

Sadly, fewer UK Christians are currently responding to God’s call to long-term mission. There are various reasons (excuses?) for this, which is why we’ve pulled together six reasons why working overseas with MAF isn’t so hard.

1.  Impact: ‘Would I make any difference, working for MAF?’

Of course you would! We change lives wherever we fly – enabling many missions and organisations to get help, hope and healing to where it's needed most.

MAF lifelines only work where the need is, and where we can make the greatest impact. Recent examples include countries such as Nepal, Liberia, and Myanmar. We seize opportunities to serve the living God in His fast-changing world. We go where we're needed, and leave when we're not.

If you're a committed Christian who's flexible, resilient, resourceful, and teachable, why not consider joining our UK staff overseas? We'd love to hear from you.

2.  Witness: ‘How does working for MAF help me to fulfil the Great Commission?’

We aim to reflect Jesus in all we say and do – from booking a passenger or changing an oil filter, to praying before take-off. We serve God in our work to the best of our ability, and seek to be winning and winsome neighbours, friends, colleagues, and partners to the people and organisations we meet day-to-day.

The needs are great, but the more people who join us, the more needs we can meet!

The Bible says we’re to be witnesses ‘to the ends of the earth’ (Acts 1:8). That’s you and me! The Great Commission cries out for us to go into the entire world, making disciples of all nations.

MAF plays a vital part in this by helping the body of Christ reach the remotest and most isolated people in the world. God has a plan for each one of us. Are you taking up the cross and following yours?

You don’t need to be fantastic speaker or the perfect missionary (whatever that is!). But if you love the Lord and are a marvellous manager, super pilot, or skilled engineer, then we need you!

If you’re passionate about God and willing to use your abilities and talents to help change the lives of those who most need it, we'd love to speak to you.

MAF pilot and passengers in Uganda

3.)  Excellence: ‘But I'm not perfect!’

Neither are we! But we use the abilities God has blessed us with to serve Him to the very best of our ability. We’re talking excellence – not perfection! Competence, professionalism, working to the highest possible standards – not infallibility.

We believe the people we fly deserve the absolute best, and it’s our job to deliver that. But we can only do this if we get the right people in the right roles getting the job right!

You won’t be ‘perfect’, but the training, support and professional development you get be second to none.

Excellence means continually looking to Jesus and giving Him your best – whatever you do!

MAF maintenance staff in Kenya

4.  Partnership: ‘Will MAF value me and the skills I bring?’

MAF’s ministry is all about co-operation, collaboration, and partnering! We’ll enable and empower you by sharing what we have with you. As part of our airborne lifeline, you’ll enable many other like-minded organisations to reach the hopeless, helpless, and unreached.

Just as we serve the Lord, so we serve our partners. As an MAF missionary, you’ll have many opportunities to use your God-given gifts and skills to reach, teach and serve those who need your assistance.

5.  Stewardship: ‘Will MAF look after me and ensure I'm okay?’

We’re a tried and tested mission, as our 70 years of safe, successful, prayerful service have proved. We value our staff as our most precious asset, and use them wisely. If you ever encounter difficulties, we’ll do all we can to assist you.

6.  Care: ‘What about my personal and spiritual well-being?’

Like everyone else involved in MAF’s mission, we promise we’ll support, care and pray for you. You won’t go it alone.

Yes, you’ll need to be strong and resilient in your faith – especially if the area you’re working in is spiritually dry. But we never send anyone out unless they are ready, and we’ll ensure you know how to sustain yourself if things are tough.

If you need Bible College training or cross-cultural awareness, we’ll arrange it.

MAF not only cares for you, but so will your Go-Team! A team of people made up from your church, family and friends who’ll support you in prayer and guide you through your time overseas. The link between your home church and MAF will encourage, inspire and sustain you.

Being a missionary is no easy task. But if God is calling you, He’ll equip and enable you. As Deuteronomy 31:6 says, He’ll never leave nor forsake you. The work may be challenging, but the reward is great.

MAF pilots praying in front of Cessna aircraft in DRC Democratic Republic of Congo

Want to talk with us about going overseas? Give Tricia a call on 01303 850950 or email her now.