Global Week of Prayer 2021

From 31 October - 7 November, we are holding our usual global week of prayer for MAF and those we serve. Join us as we unite and pray together.


MAF’s Global Week of Prayer is back!

This year’s Global Week of Prayer is themed ‘Trust Me’. As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, God invites us to experience greater intimacy and joy as we learn to trust Him with everything. What greater place than prayer is there to respond to such an invite?

A GWOP special edition prayer diary will be included in the October–December edition of Flying for Life. You can also access a digital version of it now by filling in the form below. The special edition prayer diary serves to inform your prayers as you pray with us for this nation and for the nations of the world.

Another way you can get involved is to book a slot on our online prayer calendar, where you can register your commitment to pray for 30-60 minutes at some point during the 8 days of our global week of prayer. You can do this here.

Make sure you check out the MAF Facebook page during the week of prayer for the latest updates and prayer reminders.