Give the gift of life this Christmas

Could you be the difference between life and death?

With your help, Mission Aviation Fellowship can make sure the most vulnerable and isolated are given the chance survive this Christmas

In today's connected world, it's hard to imagine that some people are barely surviving in areas of complete isolation. No internet, no supermarkets, no roads. 

It's even harder to imagine the dread of walking for days to the nearest clinic in the face of a medical emergency. Or the fear of looming violence with no way out. Many won't survive that desperate, life-threatening journey. 

Now imagine that you could reach them. Imagine that you could make a way where there is no way. Imagine that you could save a life by providing a plane. 

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is the world's largest humanitarian airline - flying to more destinations than the top three commercial airlines combined. MAF believes everyone should have access to life's basic essentials such as clean water, medical care and an education.

MAF is there when there is no way out.

Using aviation and technology, MAF delivers lifesaving cargo and personnel to some of the world's most isolated communities.  Schools are being built in villages with no roads. Vaccines are being delivered to combat deadly diseases. Bush pilots are on call to evacuate patients in medical emergencies. For thousands of the world’s most vulnerable people, MAF is the only access to the outside world.

Last year, MAF carried out 1,240 medical evacuations worldwide. Responding to childbirth, conflict injuries and other emergencies where ambulances and paramedics cannot reach.

Can you help MAF save more lives?

It costs just £60 to fuel a life-saving medevac flight. Could you give the Gift of Life this Christmas?

An MAF Gift of Life is the perfect present for someone who is impossible to find ideas for. You’ll receive an e-card and wooden Christmas decoration for them to unwrap and hang on their tree.

A Gift of Life will last beyond the Christmas season. It will change someone forever.

Gift of Life

A Gift of Life will last beyond the Christmas season. It will change someone forever. Give the Gift of Life and you will have the option of receiving a free e-card and Christmas tree decoration* for your loved one to unwrap on Christmas Day.

Give the Gift of Life

 *while stocks last. Limited availability.


Give the gift of life