Donate your postcards

Did you know that MAF collects postcards to raise thousands of pounds for our vital work?

Donate your postcards

We have a fantastic team of volunteers who, led by Ken Thom, sell postcards to help fund our life-transforming flights.

Since he was 10, Ken - now based in Tiptree - has had a passion for aviation and so began collecting aeronautical postcards. When he was a student, Ken decided to help fundraise for MAF and had the idea of using his passion for postcards by selling them.

Recently, the ministry has taken off. Last year, they raised a staggering £25,000!

‘It is exciting to see postcards being turned into funds to help keep MAF flying. I have also found through being an MAF Volunteer how highly MAF is regarded not just within the Christian community but by many others as well.’ Ken Thom

Send us your postcards!

Do you have some postcards you'd like to send us? Or would you like a postcard collection box for your church? We would love to receive both new and used postcards and are interested in any quantity. For more details please phone us on 01303 851955 or email Allyson Edwards at