Big gifts

Big gifts enable MAF to plan and invest for the long-term, ensuring our vital flights will continue to transform lives for years to come.

Big gifts

The donations provided by our generous supporters enable MAF to bring physical and spiritual assistance to those living in isolation – people who would otherwise be out of reach.

Every donation we receive has a significant impact. However, big gifts enable us to plan and invest for the future, ensuring our vital flights will continue to bring healing and hope to the world’s most vulnerable people for years to come.

Partnering with us to transform lives

MAF works in over 30 countries worldwide and makes it possible for 1,500 partners to deliver mission; healthcare; education; water and sanitation; and food programmes to those in deepest need. We would love to work with you to identify a project best suited to your interests.

You may wish to fund a piece of urgently-required equipment, donate to a key infrastructure project, support our work in a particular country or make a major gift towards MAF’s essential operating needs. 

Big gifts in action

Here are a few examples of how your big gift could make a difference:

[left] A Quest Kodiak gettign re-feulled, [center]Photograph of the cockpit of an MAF plane, [right]An MAF plane on a mountain airstrip in Papua New Guinea

  • £10,000 can fuel a Cessna Caravan in South Sudan for one month's worth of flying
  • £20,000 would purchase a piece of avionics equipment for our Africa fleet
  • £35,000 would pay for 30 hours of flying in Papua New Guinea (including fuel, maintenance, insurance etc)

Contact us for details of where funds are urgently needed now

Make a big gift

Larger capital projects

We are seeking investment for the following projects:

MAF staff housing in JubaHousing in South Sudan

£688,000 is needed to provide essential staff housing in South Sudan
More details

PlaneSecond aircraft for Bangladesh

£1.7m is required to purchase an amphibious aircraft for Bangladesh
More details

Keeping you informed

Once you have made a big gift, you will want to know the impact your donation has delivered. We will discuss with you how we can best provide feedback on your donation and ensure we keep you informed of how it is enabling MAF to bring transformational change to isolated communities.

Find out more

To find out more about how you can make a 'big difference', please send us an email or telephone us on 01303 851948