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MAF Recalibrate Bible Course


Please note, this offer is only available to UK residents. 

Join us on this two-week course as we walk through our Recalibrate series and delve deeper into God’s word


MAF Recalibrate Bible Course Resources


What is it? 

The Recalibrate study course has been adapted from MAF’s Recalibrate workbook with the aim to help you to reassess and realign your hearts and lives back to Jesus.

It is a great resource on your own individual journey with God, or for study groups or families online, to go through the 30-minute biblical reflections together.



How does it work?

The course start dates are 10 August and 24 August. Depending on the date of your sign-up, you will be enrolled on the next available slot and the reflections will be sent to your inbox.

In week 1, we will be focussing on Jesus’ Compassion for us – and look at the ways in which we can better show compassion for others.

In week 2, we will be focussing on Jesus’ Commitment to fulfilling everything the Father told him to – and take a better look at what commitment to Jesus looks like in our own lives.


What do I need?

You will need a notebook or digital device to write notes with, or alternatively you can print off the workbook sheets which we have included with every email.

We find it best to set aside a specific time during the day for your daily study – this can be 15 minutes, 30 minutes or longer if you prefer.


How do I get it?

Fill in the form to receive your two week-course today! You can also share this page with your study group or family if you would like them to join with you too.

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