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Read about the heroes who have joined MAF's overseas adventure. Will you partner with them?

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  • Sibthorpe, Ben and Anne

    Sibthorpe, Ben and Anne


    Ben and Anne serve in Mareeba, Australia. Ben is Maintenance Support Specialist to the Bangladesh programme ensuring our planes are safe to fly. His work also takes him to our programmes across Asia and Africa.

  • Simkins, Daniel and Libby

    Simkins, Daniel and Libby

    Ground staff

    We've served with MAF in several countries and are today in Cairns where Daniel serves as Finance Manager. Will you give and pray for us?

  • Smith, Nathanael

    Smith, Nathanael


    Nathanael is the first person to be enrolled on MAF UK’s Engineer Trainee programme. He will spend four years training in the UK before joining an MAF programme. He will be part of a team helping to maintain our planes so we can enable our partners to reach isolated communities.

  • Stevenson, Fiona

    Stevenson, Fiona

    Ground staff

    Fiona is a member of the team in Papua New Guinea. She serves as Finance Manager after working for many years in the MAF International office.

  • Swanson, Andy and Heather

    Swanson, Andy and Heather


    Andy and Heather live in Kampala, Uganda where Andy works as an Engineer ensuring that our planes are safe to fly. He and the team service planes from Uganda, South Sudan, Chad and Liberia among others.

  • Symmonds, Andy and Helen

    Symmonds, Andy and Helen


    Andy is serving as a pilot in Papua New Guinea.

  • Thompson, Steven and Michelle

    Thompson, Steven and Michelle


    Steven is currently training with MAF in Australia to gain his Engineering Licence and thereafter hopes to serve in Papua New Guinea. Will you support them?

  • Tordoff, Natasha

    Tordoff, Natasha

    Ground staff

    Natasha is currently building a support team of people who will pray for her and give regular financial gifts to allow her serve in Papua New Guinea. She hopes to be deployed to Mt Hagen, Papua New Guinea before the end of this year.

  • Vallance-Webb, Tim and Georgie

    Vallance-Webb, Tim and Georgie


    Tim and Georgie are serving with MAF in Arnhem Land, Australia. Tim is a pilot flying help, hope and healing to remote places that are home to indigenous communities.

  • Vine, Greg and Jill

    Vine, Greg and Jill

    Ground staff, Pilot

    We're with MAF in Uganda where Greg serves as a pilot and Jill as Communications Officer.